Cycles of doom, repetition of imaginations, rebirth of sufferings and fears
Drowning of peace, loss of vitality, death of soul, slumber of fruitless dreams
Pain in rivers, regrets in seas, sorrow in oceans, blood in countless tears
Mind in dilemma, hopes in locks, passion in chains, horror in searing streams

Desire be crushed, Love turns to lust, innocence clouded with bestiality of hell
Nature be ignored, serenity turns to myth, tranquility stranded in plains of disaster
Inspiration be dulled, Invigoration turns to idleness, emancipation in ties of comatose shells
Religion be spoiled, belief turns to madness, lies of the past, fears of the hereafter

Provenance of truth, origin of blissfulness, extractor of cries and silencer of screams
I plead for a light of transcendence, a guide to peace, a liberation from sorrow, and instigation of life
For the agony is swelling, the emptiness is overtaking, and reality is fading in blighted beams
And the weights of these burdens shackle the threads of courage, grinding it with shameless strife

Breaths turn tainted and lungs be smothered against its nature and fuels of will
Blood pulsating with a rhythm deviated and in rejection to the harmonies of bliss
Suffocating is my freedom, beneath the cloaks of fallacies by which my heart is stilled
Lost is my way, cast into chaos, burning are my eyes, with memories I reminisce

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Dark it is, yet again, as confusion and loss of security consume my mind
Lost in streams, stranded in dreams, with nothing but anguish to feel
Longing for respite, craving for a light, searching eagerly for a sign
I lay back and yield with tears to shed, accepting that my heart is sealed

Throughout the distortions of dark, whispers of temptation pierce my head
Displaying images of tormenting nature, altering my perception on reality
Twisting foundations of soul and serenity, casting me numb with silence to be bled
Permitting not a moment of calm or stillness, invading all aspects of mentality

Eager I’ve tried to escape the cables of endless suffering, to feel a hint of peace
To refrain from paramount pains and stale sorrow, so that I may feel alive
With the torches of hope and the breaths of resurrection, the hymns of darkness will in time cease
So that the shackles beneath my feet be unfettered again, for redemption, to strive

For if yet again my spirit is smashed and bliss is lost, being stabbed with daggers and spears
Casting me in a situation between the moments of life and eternal death, where a decision is made
I’ll smile and recall that the world is a playground with its silly puppets and empty tears
That down a fall lays a rise, within chaos there’s surprise, and with love, fear shall fade

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Lost are the souls of current youth, lashed with the ties of politics and greed
Struggling relentlessly, we aim towards objectives that fail to feed our soul
Blind to reality, we sacrifice and exhaust our spirits for what we don’t need
And fail to embrace a totality, by which our perception is not of distortion, but of whole

Harder and better we work, more and more our vitalities being mercilessly constrained
Towards an abysmal destruction, where our minds cease to understand simplicity
Easier and easier the torment, less and less is the alleviation of such enormous pain
As we lay our hands down and surrender, accepting with delight shameful captivity

Values downtrodden and inspiration not with ease to come into being
Love disdained, strangers we’ve become throughout the illusion of our sight
Cessation of emotion, disabling of interaction, pulverization of essential feeling
Loss of stimulation, robbed of liberation, cast purposeless into blight

Transcendence and meaning we crave, towards a horizon where souls freely roam
Unhindered by dogmas and fruitless game, where our existence guides asunder
So that we may intake the light, sense the joy, and finally feel at home
Where fear strikes us not, and our mind bursts with the freedom of surging thunder

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At Heaven’s Shore

Emptiness greets me again, draining all signs of life from the brilliance in my eyes
I stand lost in chaos, and all senses of founding control seem to fade away
I shake and tremble in a drowning fear, one which shatters my soul with unheard cries
One that binds the essence of my perception, and leaves me blinded from the light of day

Dreaming for transcendence, hoping for the desires of my heart to be met with true understanding
And not twisted with modern expectation of what ought to be able to achieve
For this is what my mind has lingered upon, for the embrace of my inner being’s innocent offerings
Rather than be dwindled with senseless ideals and dogmas, and be told how and what to believe

I’m growing sicker of this game day by day, my breaths grow shallower and swell in pain
My mind’s sinking deeper into sorrow’s formless hands, and it beckons impulses, it calls for more
It cries out for a hint of relief and respite from the pangs of principles, and a refuge from shame
It longs for the arrival to a far greater place, one that exists only, at heaven’s shore

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A Wolf's Freedom

The mist, the breeze, silhouettes of vague moonlight and grasses of fading green
Flourish mysteriously artistic sublimity, and pierces to mind a fascination beyond
Beauty in its chaos, wonder in its profound mirage, to my sight it has forever deemed
Lost was I for eternity in this moment, blending with the resonation of a perfect song

Through the grips of the night, I hear the soothing howls of the mystic wolves, the glimmer of twilight dancing throughout the scope of its eyes enchants my sight. I look into the wolf’s eyes, noticing the wavering of its graceful fur, the steadiness of its firm paws on the blighted colors of the earth, the blissful and powerful growling resonating through the senses of my spine, the fury of its stance which magnifies with the vistas of dark horizons, its chest flowing in breaths of shallow nature, raising its chest in brief periods. Despite all of the intriguing details of its intimidating presence, the fear with which its claws ought to cast into the hearts of the ordinary, I gaze thoughtfully into the eyes of this magnificent creature, and realize an innocence enflamed with an ultimate passion for freedom. I noticed the rapid pulsation of its chest rhythmically dancing with the fervent flowing of glimmers in its alluring eyes, and saw nature in its pure and basic form, and felt the potency of its life searing through my existence with a power divine. I drifted off into the plains of this eternally enlightening night, I look once more into the eyes of this majestic creature, and then take a look at myself. An inconvenient truth then hit me with a sense of unbearable grief. Man no longer belongs here.

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Too much Sorrow

Stuck again, as usual, throughout the days which all look the same
Burden on my chest, memories of the past, call to mind great shame
Desire for freedom, hope for liberation, are all what occupy my head
But all I’ve ever gotten throughout this plastic journey, was a dull education instead

What must I do about all the dreams I keep hidden under the duties and work?
Is this what is meant to be? Be bitten and gnawed at by the constriction of dogmas?
Why all the idleness and cycle of shameful death of souls? Will there ever be an end?
Must one continually suffer and taste disgust on his lips, to be dragged though another’s fate?

Will there ever be a day when the innocent voices of those lost be lent an ear?
Will the silence ever be broken? Should one always be masked in the face of society?
Can true redemption from stagnation ever be attained? Will the pain in the hearts of those who crave a hint of blissfulness ever fade? Will this ever end?

May the chaos in the eyes of those wounded ever be mended? Will the cries of those who’ve lost sanity ever be answered? Will the lies that are portrayed and imposed upon us ever be pierced with the lights of courage? Will sorrow always be the refuge of the deepest of our thoughts and imagination? Must we always carry on lifeless and worn through the routines decided for us? Will this ever end?

Must the end of times and the final reach of our lives be the innermost desire of those who struggle day in and day out? Will the futile prayers of those who beg for mercy from god ever be enlightened with response? Must the scars of our souls continue to haunt our beings all throughout our times of awakenings and shatter dreams in sleep? Will we always be caged in fright? Will this ever end? Too much grief, too much numbness, too much sorrow…

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Where am I?

Upon a night which I’ve reminisced about the lost fractions of memories gone astray
I felt the stench of loneliness and despair gnaw at my skin, and cast upon me stagnation
The twilight prevailing the resonance of lost fates twinkles upon my eyes, and wipes tears away
I dissolve further into the mysterious fluorescence of the night, and venture to unpredictability

The breeze of this wavering night whispers the voices of those whose silence has overtaken
It unravels the desideratum of the souls lost in the fabric of inexplicable misery, and the passions latent within
It screams out the genuinely expressed intuition who crave the embrace of true transcendence
It cries through the ripples of rain drops the tales of what could have been, of what should have been

The breaths associated with the pace of my walk slowly drifts into the mode of contemplation
I witness the slow wavering of the trees in the night, the tickling of the whispering wind crawling up my spine, the motion of car lights and objects into the fading distance, the flickering of the moon’s shine in the gloom of the night, the beats of my overwhelmed heart, and the thoughts racing through my head all at once, then I stand in awe and wonder,
Where am I?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you enjoy it :)

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10 Years Past

Was it really that long?
Have the years gone so fast?
Was 9-11-01,
Really 10 years past?

But the pain is so fresh,
And still feels so raw.
I sometimes still feel numb,
From the horrors I saw.

The smoke still lingers,
If only in my mind.
Answers sometimes,
Are still so hard to find.

Scenes, they still flash,
I can still hear the screams.
The rumbling, the terrors,
The bending of steel beams.

An anguish that day,
Settled deep in my heart.
And never, not ever,
Will the memory depart.

For I keep it alive,
Like a candle's flame.
Flickering for them,
For every lost name.

In New York, In D.C.
And on a field in Pa.
Though its 10 years past.
I'll never forget that day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of every life lost on 09-11-01 and every life lost since as a result of that day. Rest In Peace Dear Souls.

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