Advice to a Man in Jail

Be strong for me

My love

Have Faith in our Lord

My love

Take to heart

That This too Shall pass

Tis what my mother,

Bless her sanity,

Was sure to let me know.

Because it helps to wonder

What is to come

So, atleast,

For the sake of us,

Stand firm in your goodness,

Always keep a smile,

And judge no other than yourself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my love, Manuel Amaro. Stay Strong. Be Good.

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01-07 Apex


Looking up at the ice, a ceiling of white translucence,

I know it will break if I can muster the strength.

I’ve been fighting daily a war, but it’s little more than a nuisance.

Nothing will stand in my way once this glass water caves.

Ready to break through stone my skills are honed to a pinnacle

mountains will move or get split as I cleave boulders to bits

My pulse is all I hear pound swallowing sound equivocal

as my two frenzied fists rhythmically deliver hits.

I don’t feel any pain because I don’t care.

I’m ready to break through into the open air.

My lungs are telling me I’m living wrong.

I’ve been breathing underwater for far too long.

Is this it? Is this the evolution?

Is it the time? Is it time for revolution?

Am I a fish, or am I a man?

I’m stuck in the flow until I make a plan.

I’m breaking through, if it’s in my way it’s getting shattered.

It doesn’t matter if it’s harder than diamond it’ll be battered.

Bruised and beaten down dressed in rags of tattered

old unraveling cloth from battles past, blood-spattered.

This is it. Now the time has come.

This is the time. Time the fight begun.

There’s no one but me left to hold me back.

I’m takin you on, world, you’re under attack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one came simply out of my desire to get my music projects off the ground, out of the basements, and into the underground mainstream.

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Escaping Pain

(Written: 9~8~2008)

She awoke one Winter morning,

Blood foaming from her lips.

Each cough a painful warning,

That something was amiss.

So to the doctors they rushed her,

At the tender age of five.

They said her tonsils must be removed,

Should she wish to remain alive.

She arrived one Spring evening,

Her friends all laughed and jeered.

She was new to roller skating,

Getting hurt was what she feared.

So to the doctors they had to rush her,

After falling backwards onto her arm.

They said her left wrist was fractured,

How had she come to know such harm?

She was outside one Summer afternoon,

Still healing from her last fall.

Playing badminton with her mother,

When she missed and dropped the ball.

So to the doctors they rushed her,

After hearing the sickening “pop”.

Her ankle had been severely broken,

It would be six weeks before she’d walk.

She stumbled out of bed one Fall dawn,

A hand clutching her right side.

Her steps were slow and pain filled,

She looked up at her parents and cried.

So to the doctors they had to rush her,

As her face grew pale from pain.

A large cyst had formed upon her ovary,

Trying for children would be in vain.

She looked down one late night eve,

To the simple words poured from her mind.

When would she get a year’s reprieve,

From the doctors words cruel and unkind.

So to the plane they rushed her,

Tears seeping out like rain.

Wishing her love and happiness,

Away from bitter memories of pain.

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An Eternal Struggle

Volume Two

My world seems to be getting smaller

feeling trapped inside this celler

confidence in myself starts fleeting

like an open wound, that wount stop bleeding

disgusted at my own reflection

within a mirror, fixated on perfection

"Trapped in a world gone stagnate

dead politicians running rampant

crimes against our very humanity

performed in orderly insanity

all waiting for you to just surrender

morgage your soul to the highest lender"

Tired of the futile struggle

exhausted from trying to solve this puzzel

giving up, sometimes sounds so sweet

a war not ment for the weak

emotions consuming my mind

selfcontrol getting harder to find

burried deep within myself

often to proud to ask for help

"caged within a society thats ran dry

corruption paid by the human life

where actions speak of only lies

and greed becomes the ultimate prize

an opinion, backed with force

Tyrants with no remorse"

gasping desperately for air

life is a ride, not ment to be fair

we all hold truths to our exsistance

praying to our gods for forgivness

yet my words are different

an outspoken tounge, with resentment

crawling on my last leg

never again shall I beg

gave away everything, including my soul

yet before I die, redemption is my goal

a dream that only seems to fade

and a dream I feel may never be paid

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Northern Swordfish

Tread these trails, you smart young thing

A concrete bend to service all your heartache

You've come so far and you're lagging behind

Quit that fool running and rest a longer spell

Be that as it may, your life's on the rise

Deny it all you like

We've all seen the parchment flutter

With its creases and rips at corners and sides

She's sparing and forgotten, moving towards the dank

Decisions are for your higher will

So for your sake, keep on wandering

Look at the sky, take in the shapes

They're a guiding sign that hangs in the shallow heavens

It's not so far unless you face its consequence

Instead of breathing in its worth

The schools of guppies flutter across the scape

Eels of white make a presence known

The northern swordfish will point us home

And he'll defend us 'til we get there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe in the Northern Swordfish.

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I’ve led myself into the trenches of despair

My feet trucked through the mud to quicksand

When you fight it you just sink faster in there

For over seven years I stayed without a hand

I was too selfish to realize my bad habits

The ones that I’ve hurt and in myself I lost

Now I’m another year plus paying the cost

I’m riding the waves of the sea in a storm

My ride is full of peril and hardship of time

The wind controls where I end up in form

It’s going to be a while before the sun shines

I’ve already become sick from my journey

It’s just begun and all new temptations arose

One’s I’m not used to, it’s enough to go crazy

I’ve given my life and rid of my life boats

No matter what I go through

No matter how much time I endure

No matter what people say and think

I will overcome, I will live forever

I will be in the Kingdom and together

With Him, I give thanks and remorse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote on: Jan. 28, 2007

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Press on


life can be difficult at times

and days go by where I don't feel fine

but I will press on

sometimes my heart feels broken beyond repair

and I cry out wondering if anyone is there

but I will press on

the mountain seems to high to climb

and it seems that the storm I won't survive

but I will press on

because I am strong and filled with perseverance

and if I fall I will just get back up again

I will always press on no matter what

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Silent Endurance

The never ending woes,

Always untold;

The silence within-

Says it all.

The heart that never broke,

The tear that never rolled down,

The lips that never

Uttered a word-

Only parted

To say a prayer-

Begging for power,

For patience, endurance

And forgiveness for sinners,

For those who never realize,

For the creators of

The never ending woes.

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Fighting For Life

I fell from my throne today.

Broke my ego on the way down,

sprained my luck too.

Where am I going to go?

Wandered the streets of hopelessness today,

felt the familiar sting of guilt build up.

I am too tired to think of revenge.

Will there ever be an end to the searching?

I pressed on through the jungles of hate,

slashing the vines that curled themselves all around me.

No more suffocating myself.

But when will I get back home?

Made it to the mountain peak of freedom today.

I shouted to the highest heavens,

filling myself with the chance to start over.

You weren't there, and it was easy.

When we meet next, will I still be this strong?

Saw you today,

I buried myself underground,

living off of my self pity and my self hate.

All the happiness we had rushed back.

Why can't I be stronger?

Was pulled back out into the world,

a helping hand forcing me to cross the desert of insecurity.

I let myself be thrown around,

but I made it out alive.

Where do I got from here?

My heart led me to a giant hole in the ground.

Bottomless and dark, you pushed me in when I went to hold you.

I fell, the air craddling me but dropping me faster.

What is happening?


I hit the water with a crashing sound,

the darkness engulfing me and keeping me nervous.

But the waves are gentle, carresing my sore body.

I see light towards a small opening.

Swimming tires me out, and I fight my way to that light.

Is this heaven?

The sun carries me to the shore,

it dries my clothes and my tears and holds me.

I am warm and I am whole.

There is a man and woman in front of me.

Their semi-wrinkled hands extend to grab mine.

Do I trust them?

The water disappears behind me.

The hole closes up forever.

The desert buds with flowers.

The worms take back their underground.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

All I need to do is make it through, I'll find my way towards something new, and be careful what you say or do, because someone will leave just like you.

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