Hold up

Song lyrics

Hey to all those listening

Use this music to free yourself

Use it to dance

No use for physical romance

When we all look like fools

Dancing with our hands in the air

Like we don’t care

As people start to stare

Every body says

It’s a cold world

But just hold up

You know just what to do

Just hold up

Hey all out there

I’ve got a weird thing to show you

Just dance to the music

As people start to stare

Don’t worry

You’ll see it soon

No need to rush things

Just take it real cool

Put your hands above your head

like you don’t care

As people start to stare

Just keep real cool

You’ll see it soon

Every body says

It’s a cold world

But just hold up

You know just what to do

Just hold up

Yo, the pretty ones out there

Just dance to the music

You’ll know soon

We act real cool

But we look like fools

Dancing to this music

Not knowing why

Just follow the stream

Watching as people pass by

Hold on to those you have

No use in physical romance

When we all look like fools

Every body says

It’s a cold world

But just hold up

You know just what to do

Just hold up

Hold up

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Permanent Polaroid

Somehow I will find a way to transfer all of those lurid memories

From you to me.

So that you will always be happy,

I will burden myself with everything that has ever made you cry,

Everything that has ever made you depressed,

I will take away anything that ever causes you pain.

And I will cherish the moment that


It will be a permanent polaroid engraved in my brain.

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In Silence

many times i've tried to count

the wonderful things you've done for me

the little tasks i've made you do

simple acts you dedicated for me

yet you never knew what's inside

i hesitated to tell

for i feared that these would end

the happiness we've partaken

i guess we both have to stay this way

or our world might be blissful

it's really sad i cannot speak for myself

maybe tomorrow i will have the courage

Author's Notes/Comments: 

October 22, 2003

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Four to go and like a woman on a mission I am here.

Here, fighting back tears of disappointment.

Tears of despair.

Four to go and I am drawing what at times feels like my last breath,

But just my heart is beating so hard, and my fingers typing so fast that in my mind suddenly I understand why I have always said that words have power.

Four to go and the phone is silent, my friends sense it.

Headline reading “ writer on a rampage finishing up her first major book”.

Putting all things on hold except the very part of her that draws from the spirit.

Four to go and getting tired but pushing through the almost falling asleep, tiredness, and back pain because it really has to get done.

Four to go and thinking of all the things I need to go done feeling like any moment I will slump over the computer and just hit the keys in exhaustion from taking my soul and putting it into this major dream that will soon be a reality.

Four to go and knowing the screen keeps looking smaller, and keys are getting harder to push down, but have to, got to do this. It has taken all my life to get to this moment.

Four to go, but I keep feeling the intention and anger of someone not understanding how much this moment really means to me.

Four to go…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

working on my book and jsut needing to do the last few poems you relaize that there is an awesome difference between talent and work, but there are monets that the combination is powerful.

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The "Little Bit More"

Deep sigh…

Awakened from a long dream,

I opened my eyes a little bit more...

I was tired of running around,

I slowed down and rest a little bit more...

A little bit more...

And I see- Life is Beautiful.

I fell rock bottom, it’s hard to get up.

But I tried a little bit more...

I had many fears I want to be free from,

I prayed and hope a little bit more...

A little bit more...

And I began to feel-Life is still Beautiful.

Life becomes Beautiful

Because of the “little bit more”.

It’s a journey. Keep on walking. Enjoy the travels.

Hopeful smiles…

I am waiting for true love, waiting for you.

Still waiting…and I’ll wait a little bit more.

Life is Beautiful…with love, let’s make it "a little bit more".

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Whoever said that "little" efforts do not count? ~jerlin

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Walking The Path

Under My Dome

I Walk with conviction

and step with purpose.

Ever stepping lively and

moving forward toward the

goals predestined on the

creator's road map.

Onward as the myriad of

paths converge and diverge

along this way we travel.

We navigate the paths

intuitively.  With feeling,

more than sense of direction,

guiding each precious step.

During this lifelong walk

we come to many crossroads.

After the roads are chosen,

each one changes us for the


The travelers gain wisdom

each moment the path is


Movement is constant and

incessant.  Momentum never


Sometimes the way becomes

impeded by obstacles formed

by adversity.

But the traveler presses on.

For to move is to live and

a lifetime of immeasureable

distance reflects knowledge

born of real experience.

So make your journey worth

the trip.  Walk your path

truly and with sights set

on seeing the path to its


For it is there that the

home you have always wanted

and the peace you have been

seeking exists.

So, traveler...walk on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Encouragement as we traverse the roads along life's way.

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A Partner Defeated

Self harm/Suicide


Look at me

I'm climbing

It's been two months

And I'm not dieing!

My arms are almost


As my scars fade




Every time I resist you

I grow stronger

And since last time

It just gets longer

My will to live

Has become

As thick

As my scars

And I'll never

Let you have me


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Bizarro, They Called Him

Bizarro, they called him

A man worthy of no more

Or no less

They loved his aura

But detested

His smell

They swallowed his message

But Vomited

His word

Bizarro, they called him

A man of neither glory

Nor bless

He loved their hunger

But despised

Their Hell

He ate their leader

And devoured

His herd

•     •     •

Bizarro, they call him

A man who does not answer

Or confess

He just loves the game

Yet Deplores

Those who tell

He scoffs their lies

And consume

Their turds

Bizarro, they call him

He can neither move forward

Nor regress

They love his comfort

But denigrate

His shell

They gorged his presence

Yet retched

His gird

•     •     •

Bizarro, they lynch him...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was actually inspired by a font I downloaded, called 'bizarro'.

It's funny how this ended up becoming reality in the end... a prophecy of the downfall of my endurance at creative-poems, written well ahead of schedule.

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Dear God

Back when I was younger

I believed everyone had a story to tell

And just up until now

I thought everyone had a dream

Standin here i still don't understand

What its like not to have somethin to hope for

There's a reason to do the best you can

A reason to fight for what you believe

Sometimes when I'm all alone

I look up to the sky and I wonder

But a rough life keeps gettin better

No circumstance but perception of livin

Sometimes I close my eyes and smile

"Lord, thank you for all I have

I don't understand why so many have to cry

But I want to thank you for my life"

There'll always be people goin nowhere

Always gonna be people who are poor

It ain't the money that makes you that way

But what you believe and what you're fightin for

Sometimes I walk along a riverside

And I look down at the fish swimmin free

At night I look up at the moon and stars

And I always know that heaven isn't too far away

Sometimes I close my eyes and I smile

"Lord, thank you for all I have

I don't understand why so many have to cry

But I want to thank you for my life

If I could be something better

Then you know that I would

But Lord, there's only so much I understand

Please help me do better than good

I remember you when the sun shines

And I remember you when I see the rain

Remembering you in the best of times

Callin on you in times of pain

Some people just want something to hold onto

They're searchin for a piece of a dream

I'd like to know its thats too much to ask

Sometimes things you do I wonder what they mean

And sometimes I close my eyes and I smile

'Lord, thank you for all I got

Don't understand why people got to cry

But I want to thank you with my life

Even though sometimes i wonder why

I want to thank you with my life.'"

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