The Other Mans Girl

Sometimes I pray for a turn of the page

                if there's a chill on the air in the room.

                I hear small voices surface their rage

                but I'm hoping for a peace easy mood.

                Sometimes I ride on a heavenly cloud

                with the taste of your lips on mine.

                I don't want to be an angel myself

                but you're taking up all of my time.

                I know the feelings I've got them myself

                and we'll have to give them up in time.

                Someone hurt you and they hurt as well

                but you've got to stop losing my mind.

                If I'm not in love I know how it goes

                and I can't deny the past can be real.

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The light in my eyes shines brightly.  My future is glowing ahead.

My determination is powerful and strong.  For nothing shall I have to beg.

Succeed yes, that's what I'm striving to do.  To keep the fire in my heart

burning.  To believe in my self, and yes, also to believe in you.

I'm a powerful black woman.  I'm a woman with values and goals.

A woman with the will to succeed, and the ability to maintain control.

I'm a leader, a follower, and a middle woman too,

Anywhere you place me, I'll follow through.

I'm a strong black woman, my values are high.

Until my goals are met, yes I shall strive.

Strive to go a little further, with each passing day.

Yes I'm a strong and willing black woman.

I'm always determined to succeed.

Make a stand my sisters!  This is our day.

  Thank You.

Written By:

Ebony Blessings

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you can veil my eyes

cover my ears

deny my rights

and subdue my voice

but still, still…

you can never muffle

the sound of my soul.

copyright 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never can anyone extinguish the fire of the freedom to express the rights of oneself. Amidst the threat of swords and the muzzle of guns, stand the brave souls of freedom fighters.

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Men Like These

He sits in his recliner

With a cigarette in his hand

While in his other hand

He holds the "mighty" remote control

He sips on his beer

As he watches his TV shows

He smokes his cigarette

Dropping ashes on the floor

But I dare not speak

And I dare not vacuum the floor

For he's in his own private world

And he wants no distractions

Soon his breating becomes heavy

He finally begins to snore

With a sigh of relief  

I thank the Lord above

I tiptoe quietly about the house

Doing the household chores

But I dare not vacuum the floor

I labor quietly in the kitchen

Preparing the evening meal

For I know when his nap is over

He'll come raging like a bull

Demanding food, demanding love

And demanding attention

Why did God create men like these

I know there are many more

I've seen and heard and read about

Other men just the same as he

With no compassion in their heart

And never a kind word spoken

Did God really create men like these

Or are they the Devil's children

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Untitled 16


And if you dominate my world

I’ll simply tear you apart

For I am of stronger will

And of purer heart

And if you destroy my world

I’ll still hold my vanity

For I have free will

And a brain of humanity

And if you think its not so

You’ll be wrong in the end

For I am of your dreams

And dreams can bend

And if you already know so

You’ll soon be unknown

For I have true blood

And no machine clone

So fight me if you must

But know that I will win

For I am of morality

And you of sin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

no more matrix for me

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The Dark Blue, Magical Midnight Sky!!!

The sky is magic

Mysteries and wonderful

Especially the midnight sky

So blue

But dark

It is wonderful when the stars twinkle

Like twinkling with the plants

And with there every movement

You can see them sparkle

With the midnight shining sky

Right in-between your finger tips

They twinkle with

The moon is a timepiece

Because it watches you

When you see no light

You can see the moon

The moon looks at you

With your every movement

You move to the left

It looks to the left

When you stare at it

With your twinkling eyes

He looks at you and winks

And when you are asleep

The stars and the moon

Are watching over you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a wonderful poem about how you feel outside when the stars and moon is out!  It is just so wonderful I hope you enjoy!!

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Untitled 17


When loneliness burns fire in your trembling eyes

And thunder comes forth to steel your lonely cries

And hell shatters your shelter made of fragile glass

Know that I shall help you, and that we shall surpass

When hell breaks free and bars your gentle way

And rain pours down and night fades our day

And your innocence is charcoaled by the fire

Know that I shall be there to take you higher

And when the sweet heavens open their hands

You and I shall see their well-laid plans

And hell shall run and forever cower

And love shall hold the greatest power

And when this dream you do awake

And for our friendship you forsake

Be careful, and be sure you heed

And leave no one behind to bleed

And into the heavens you’ll rise above

But never forget me nor my love

And be holy as the morning sun

For you have learned not to run

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