Emotional Rains

Sometimes rain falls down,

For no reason at all.

Sliding down cheeks,

And collecting on the tips of noses.

Sometimes clouds full of emotions,

collide, causing a storm.

Rain falls endlessly and helplessly.

Sometimes our skies are so dark,

That the pouring rain is overshadowed,

By thunder and lightning.

Sometimes it rains,

But there is always a rainbow,

To dry up the puddles,

And brighten the day.

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Power Outage

Power is out! - hear Ye! Power is gone!

Out the apartment buildings people burst,

Who  did this to us? - Lo! - Con Edison?

Folks ask up in The Bronx and Bensonhurst.

Tranmission lines, some say, are far too few,

This power outage is the most severe,

Oh misery!  - another déjà vu,

If looting starts, we’ll sue now is that clear?

Across the bridges weary masses roll,-

Those that escaped the elevator traps,

And crawled along dark tunnels, without toll,

Beneath  the river bed- some did collapse

And then, another thing, - how does it feel,

To march in crowds in the hot burning  sun,

In trendy  bumps with fashionable heel,

Should need  arise, it would be tough to run

But barefoot marching neither feels so good,

The ankles swell, like fire burn the soles,

Without a drop of water and some food,

Upon the asphalt burning hot like coals.

A lady with spiked heels and parched dried lips,

Is being handed something none can see,

Praised be the Lord! a loafer’s pair of skips,-

This  thing is called “New Yorker charity!”.

But in the borough streets some vans pass through,

From which a voice (the Mayor’s??) shouts aloud:

“Folks! throw your food stuff out, else you will rue,

Be sorry with a diarrhea bout.”

“Get candles, matches, flashlights, folks come on !

They’r working on the problem, so folks do

As you are told,- -  you hear? -Con Edison

Is readying  a skilled electric crew!”

This outage may be just a simple plot,

That favors those with worthy ways and means,-

Quebec has power,- Ontario has not

Because the former grow by far more beans

Is it the power barons and the Greens, dear Greens!

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Archibald Stegosaurus

Oh, the boot but spits into the moment

Standing on the edge of every spur

Stretched out tall to summon all

To hear the fruits that pour from labor born

On a cold and edgy moment’s lip

Death makes life seem so alive

Within a deadly state

So close I feel its hot breath

Upon the edge of my diving board lip

With an angry engine rearing to dig into me

The more I see of death

Is the more I see of life

Ever stabbing me with eager spurs

Spitting dirt up from the tired earth

On the spur of every moment

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Bones of Beauty- Ed

Self harm/Suicide


Kate Moss

Jodie Kidd

All those

Pretty models

Bones of beauty

Gleaming proudly like

Sharp white teeth

But they do bite

Anything for


If I could

Unravel my

Stretch marks

I'd hang myself

With them

I've never seen

Anything as pretty as


Nothing as Satisfying

As the result

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another Ed poem. Dedicated to the pretty skinny people like: Agatha Relota, Kate Moss, and Jodie Kidd. Thankyou for inspiring my poem.

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Strenght of a Woman

The other day I met this girl,

Since so many girls in this world;

To you it wouldn?t matter,

But she was most different from most others.

Her spirit was stronger,

She was a single mother.

I admired her attitude,

She was real, kept it true.

Never really gave a @#*%;

about what people thought.

Just cause she had a baby;

Was no reason to hate a lady.

More of a reason to give her respect,

Cause she didn't quit.

Even though sometimes she broke down in tears;

It is only human to have fears.

In my eyes she was born a goddess;

Made to bless this earth with her loveliness.

Never could anything or anyone;

Defy the strength of a woman.

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Left out, left high and dry

I want to sit down and cry

But where will that get me?

To go forward would be

The best plan of action.

To resist the temptation

to give up, to quit.

Oh, if only the fires

of inspiration were lit!

An encouraging word:  the spark

that would light the flame

that would inspire me to remain

in this current ministry

that You have given me.

So many words of discouragement

have left me feeling spiritually lame.

Oh, if only the fires

of inspiration were lit!

Performing this tight-rope walk

upon live electrical wires

has left scars upon my soul.

Oh, if only the fires

of inspiration were lit!

An encouraging word:  the spark

that would light the flame

that would inspire me to remain

in this current ministry

that You have given me.

The spark that would return my

attention to the goal

that You have set before me.

Oh, if only the fires

of inspiration were lit!

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Here I Stand


Here I stand...

Still waiting

Still waiting for you

When will you return?

And come back to me?

It's been hours...




I'm dying here

Without you

I don't need you to live

Just to help me stand a little

Yet here I stand

On my own

So maybe I don't need you

But Like the good girl I am not

I'll still wait for your return

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مرسلة : بواسطة صديق - مع الشكر

Elham- :-)

محمد عثمان كجراي : فى ذمة الله

من الهام Elham   مرسلة بواسطة صديق
my e mail ..اذاكنت من المهتمين... أرسل مساهمه

أخاف لو بدأت بالحديث أن يطول

ما كل ما أود قوله يقال

حتى إذا استطعت أن أقول

القلب محكم الرتاج من ثقوبه خواطري تسيل

أصابعي تجمدت في الحبر والدواة نصف الليل

أنمق الحديث ..ارسم الحروف رسم خطوك الجميل

يا نجمة بعيدة الديار.. تقصد الرحيل

تفوق منطقي .. وقدرتي ..تصوري .. وكل مستحيل

لكنني  أريد أن أقول

من نظرة عميقة الأغوار

علي المدى البعيد .. في المدار

تذوب الجليد ..تكسر الجدار

أصابني الدوار

وعشت في ذهول

اللحظة المعطاءة الثواني لن تطول

يا نجمي الوحيد .. لا تغب


أخاف من كآبة الأفول

يا حلوة الحديث  .. يا أصيلة الأصول

يا روعة النضار .. يانوارة الحقول

من فرعك المخضوضر الطويل

أخضوضرت مزارعي

أغر ورغت عيناي  عندما تحركت أصابعي

في لحظة الوداع – عائدا – اجتر في مقاطعي

الشعر .. يحمل الحنان هاربا معي

لكنني أعي

الشعر أقصر الدروب للوصول

إليك يا منارة الميعاد في ظلامنا الطويل

ياواحة النخيل

سحابة الندي – تمسح – لون شعرك الجميل

لكنني أخاف أن أقول

Author's Notes/Comments: 

هنالك موسيقى خلفيهلتغييرها أضغط على المربع   

محطات عربية

كتابات سودانية

تجربة مصطفى سيد أحمد

خليل فرح


اختلف معك ولكن ادفع عمرى لكى تعبر عن رايك

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Es dreht sich um das Thema Geld

Chic Verlag dick im Kopf

Dach in Flammen; Feueralarm



Unschuldige Leser; perverse Überfall

Stirbt aus der Verantwortung --


Freude am Leben

Mit den Fortschritt, zu dem Gefühl Tod --

Könnte es geben.


Steigend hundert Prozent

"Verstehen sie Spaß", Untertitel anzeigen

Von trauriger


Wunder der Erde: Menschlichkeit

Hoffnungsloser Verlust von Verbindlichkeit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks to the cockeyed newspapers, spreading hate and demotivating people. Thanks to the media information without common sense. After all common sense is not common.

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