'Wise Verse > World's Curse'

Me and my old pal were like 'Pinky and the Brain'--I had all the smarts and he was insane

But then I came to my senses--a revelation that forced me to put up my defenses,

Friends with offenses aimed them at my character--I was scripted prey that was hunted by the predator

Didn't know why that they hated me so, I was forced to take a trip that I was not prepared to go on and so on,

Friends became enemies, and enemies became friends--beginnings became ends

Things turned inside out and stayed there, I never had much clout--I stayed scared,

I always had much doubt in myself--knew God existed for sure but nothing else

I hated high school--hated my health, hated my reflection, hated to wake up,

Loved to "go steady"--hated to break up, hated to cry tears, loved to "make up"

I hated the shake ups of a natural life--I could feel the sharp pain of an unnatural knife in my soul's back--the blade was exacto, wound was a fact 'lo, I was attacked yo'!

But now I'm better, no matter the weather--you all already know the text,

I'm one of the best--the newly 'Reloaded', Satan's 'Matrix' the Christ has decoded

Now I am devoted to spreading the love and saving the souls for the Man up above...

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The Sun Will Rise


The Sun will rise,

That inevitable, inexorable light,

Even if the clouds cover up her rays,

She lingers for her opportunity.

The Sun will rise,

Even if night and darkness

Has flooded your molding heart,

Leaving little more than an empty black pit,

Hard like that of a peach,

But hollow like that of a well.

The Sun will rise,

And even if I close my tear-crusted eyelids,

The warm red haze still penetrates underneath my skin

That is cold, lifeless,

Battered by the consequences of Love

And her weaponry.

It can't stay dark forever.

So open your eyes.

The Sun rose today.

And She will rise tomorrow.

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Why Must I?


Why must I exist,
in state,
such as this?


Where compassion
is offered not my way
by those you'd expect.


Where all I long for,
is a normalcy,
I can't seem to find here.


Why must I suffer,
so much, so long
so hard, so intensely?


When all I wish,
is a day,
unlike all before.


When a simple smile,
sent my way,
has no ulterior motive.


Why must I continue,
to remain
where love has failed?


Where eyes,
that in past, spoke much,
now say nothing.


Where falseness stands
before me,
in such obvious truth.


Why must I expose myself
to these sufferings,
so unwanted nor provoked?


When it only serves
to add upon the misery
and the doubt.


When all I most desire,
is only plainly, simply, naturally,
to be loved...



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Have you ever been so sure of something and you know exactly what you want in life, only to have nothing go your way so you can get there? To have obstacles constantly put in your path and when you finally get to the door, you get it closed in your face? To obtain all the bumps and bruises to get there and when you think your there, you find yourself running in circles? Or maybe you had a high self-esteem when you started this journey only to have it broken down by people telling you your not good enough to succeed? Have been in the same place you started the whole time? Just stuck...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes life won't go your way no matter how hard you try.You feel stuck and can't break free.But no matter what, never stop believing you can do it.God has a plan for everyone.

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Friendship's Comedown

Little beasts will elbow

themselves in to court,

full of empty words and prepared

to praise the powerful.

Oh, we are

at our apogee, though the

feeling of falling down may not be

as pleasurable as it

used to be...well, we'll try.

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Talents and skills

poetry of 2005

Talents and skills

Talents and skills

God blesses us all

With many amazing

Talents. For most

The talents and skills

Come from the lord

above. Like a light

switches on in the brain

and says okay

show the world

all the talent I

gave you don’t

let it sit in your

brain and waste

away. Skills

are different

they’re not

something you’re

born with you have

to go school and learn

how to improve  

or practice until

you get skills and

talents on the level

you think they

need to able be to

fallow your dreams!

Sept 7th 2005

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Candle Light

The warrior holds, his sword up high

And claims in battle, he'll someday die

He's wise, he knows, his end will come

Till then he'll follow, what his sword will hum

The candle light will continue to glow

As man and weapon will together grow

He becomes one, with his faithful sword

Both are each other's, servant and lord

They rise in battle, and kill the untrue

The warrior will stand, his sword, his crew

The candle light will continue to glow

As man and weapon will together flow

He hears a melody, and peaceful voice

While he swings his sword, and blocks all noise

He centers the enemy, and eliminates all

Fog will rise and his shadow will cast tall

The candle light will continue to glow

Till the day both man and weapon will bow their heads low

The warrior's sword, plays like a song

As he cuts the wind with short swings and long

He protects his people, his land, his home

Forever will, in darkness roam

The candle light will continue to glow

Till the day both man and weapon deny to know

Heavy cloaks and rags, cover him whole

Yet, his sword will swing by the whisper's of his soul

The warrior and his sword will always prove strong

Beyond the day they'll die, for their soul will live long

Man and weapon behold battle lore,

Until the candle light decides to glow no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem I wrote was inspired by the Stormquest Trilogy, by Colin P. Kenney.

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Lost Child

Other Poems

A child of no luck.

A few mistakes fate the life he leads.

Stock in a place of hell,

Missing out on what others take for granted.

Yet manages to live out each day,

While others fall over to die.

Can't yet escape the hell,

But deals with it each day.

While others are destined to fail,

He will succeed.

Surpass expectations,

Show those who don't care how he really is.

Though the hurdles are great,

The accomplishment of jumping them is greater.

The few that care keep him going.

While those that hate try to bring him down.

The shit he had to deal with,

And the shit he still has to take.

Enough to make a normal man crumble.

Is he a lost child?

Most would say he is.

Yet I think he has found himself,

Before anyone else yet has.

Hurt and battered.

He rides out the storm.

And still wakes each day,

While others would rather lie away,

Waste away the years.

He makes the best of it.

Deserves more then what he has.

No longer a lost child,

Just an unfound young man.

Maybe he needs a little guidance,

Who doesn’t?

But he deserves more then this,

More then the life he has led.

Join the rest of us in that bittersweet place,

Place known to us as life.

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Testimony: Of Waking Nights

What words can pass these lips to tell the tale? What bitter whisper?

Men and angels all speak in their tongues, but none can avail me now.

Holy Spirit, my Muse, grant to me the impossible and give me speech.

Teach me the language to tell the story, to testify of things now past.

Waking from unforgiving sleep, my heart is heavy and pants for peace.

My mind turns to the one that my prayers, offered in the dark, speak of.

The night is dark, though the stars shine, though the moons glow.

The spirit of torment, the spirit of despair is near, relentless in assault.

I feel the loneliness, the depression, like a cancer, eating away at the soul.

My gaze into the empty night brings no comfort and no rest in my waking.

A spirit of fear is now my companion and sits with me in the dark, voiceless.

There is a cry in the night, and I perceive, yet I can do nothing.

Fear tells of a possible tomorrow: a morning shrouded in a second darkness

For tomorrow, that one of my prayers may not be there.

I contemplate that which, in my sight, may come. Dreading the morning.

Sleep brings no peace, for I am plagued by that fear and nightmares.

Yet in my doubt, I do lift up my heart and bring this burden to His throne.

There I sit at His feet and cry out for mercy and invoke intercession.

I pray that Grace would bring us through the night and into a new day;

That we would not taste bitter hopelessness and defeat before our time;

And one day we will praise the Sustainer for His love for our wretched souls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about a specific dark night which happened sometime in the ninth grade.

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