Dreams are born in moments of light, and they are fulfilled by the ability to remember that light while forging through darkness.

...Jeff Bresee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem because I know that it speaks the truth, and I wanted others to consider it.

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Two Weeks in the Dark

A Fortnight.

Two Weeks.

Fourteen Days.

Three, Three, Six Hours.

For what seems an eternity,

the silence is deafening.

How are you doing?

Coping with the pursuit of knowledge?

Persevere, for it shall not be long,

The holiday, the break awaits.

Then we can meet again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The silence is deafening...dedicated to the one whom I am looking forward to seeing again...soon.

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Body Versus Soul

Short Stuff

a battle of wills

(Which will win)

fight to the death

-or life

each struggle

for the upper hand

its come to crossed swords

in this contention of self

engaging in war-

body versus soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 01-29-03

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Fisherman's Handicap

These slippery things

With their eyes to the side

They know of my pride

And just where to set the hook

Rusted it was, jagged and true

Perfect set to pierce all the blue

And they hit and they strike

Only at the tail and never for a bite

The fairness that's played

It's never quite right

I'm out here daily, sun to dawn

My fish handy luck yet to come along

All I got in a plank of wood

With an ass to take a little space

It's simply a race with the day

And by the time I fall

All I've got is a Fisherman's Handicap,

And an empty place on the wall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

... I don't know!

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i am the

    swordplay master.



is the smooth


of the world,

caught asunder

in a wide


across his face.

a pause.

then he splits

in two, a

    severed thing.

he has not broken

    the blade,





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has been transfered to several pieces of paper over the years, but has only recently found its way in to an actual book.

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Home And The Heart

These days away

I miss the most

A comfy bed

And warm fresh toast

A friend a home

And non sandy pants

Not sunburn, bruises

Drop toilets and ants

I yern for home

A calling to me

But then again

I love the sea

So many miles

Worn in my feet

I feel so tired

My emotional defeat

This place so calm

Loving and care-free

It's a good holiday

But it's not home to me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this while I was sitting on a beach called "Refuge Cove" at Wilsons Prom around 5pm. I had been Hiking for 3 days and I was so tired, sore and emotional that I just wanted to go home and cry. I remember when I finally got back to the bus, my friend who was in the other group came up to me and said 'hi', I almost burst into tears because I was so happy to see them (It had only been 4 days).
That camp was Hell but I think I'd do it again.

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Everything in One Day


Now that everything has fallen apart,

It's time to rebuild again from the start...

One Day, and I have felt everything...

Pain and Relief

     Fear and Disbelief

           Anger and Requited Love

                Anxiety, Recall from the Fall

                     I have felt none short...

                               of it all......

Now I find I am fate's disciple...

It's time now to rejoin the Cycle...

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All I Need

Are you there?

Are you just my imagination

running off again?

My words bounce off unseen walls

back to my empty ears,

soaked up and swallowed


never to return

but it’s the answer

that I burn for

with every fiber

so I’ll ask again

Are you there?

No answer.

My false hopes are squashed

like ten thousand tiny voices

screaming no voicelessly, breathlessly

into the wind of oppression,

the gail of manifest destiny

no destiny of mine

the hurricane of lies

clouding young and feeble minds

taunting with the truth before your eyes

I look up to the sky

Are you there?

We need you here!

They already own our thoughts

but no, that’s never enough

they want our souls

food for the glutton

pennies for the poor

acid rain falls from silvered-lined clouds

as the relentless hail of progress

smothers my cry

burries free thought

I will not go quietly into the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2003/2006 Lyrics to one of my first songs. Never stop calling out until the injustice is gone.

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So Long and Through

I love you so, forever more,

I know this for, I can feel,

This love so strong, and completely true,

This tells me only, only that I will never leave you.

I miss you now, I wish you were here,

In this class, I may start to tear,

For life without you, must be so blue,

Cause you're my light, just please stay so bright.

I need you always, and miss you so quick,

You are all I need, you make me not sick,

time without you, is so long and through,

I nearly die, While I'm away from you.

I will be here, waiting for you,

For all of time, no matter what comes to,

You are all, I need to live,

You are my drink, and my great bread.

Sacrafice for you, anything I would,

I wish for you, and pray we could,

Always be here, no matter the mood,

God tells us truth, we are the few,

The few to be, together - you and me,

Forever and always, We will be together for all days.

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