I'll Never Slow Down

Moving a thousand miles a minute

So afraid to slow down

Moving too fast to feel

Or in these emotions I might drown

So numb to everything around me

Walking around in a daze

Afraid to view the world

In anything but this haze

So I live each second of every day

Won’t go quietly into the dark night

I’m still a candle in the wind

A shooting star much too bright

Maybe it’s true I’m just running away

Maybe I’m living my life in denial

But I’ll never grow stagnant

It’s just not my style

And though this choice may not be wise

A lifestyle of blunder

It’s gonna be the way

Until I’m six feet under

And the clock will keep on ticking

It never seems to slow

Soon the days will become the years

That are gone before we know

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daze gone by enough already ...... 2March04


the leaves start to fall

the nights will run deep

there'll be many a day

that you'll just want to weep

the shame will shove back

the dog bites the hand that feeds it

but it doesn't care one bit

the fading star can't fix this

with just one lousy hit

will you give it some time?

hold on... just a week a month a day

can't possibly stay exactly this way

believe in yourself... give it all you've got

I know it's cliche, but babe... it'll help a lot

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I have monsters on the bottom of my feet.

They starve for the road.

Step by step they gradually devour the asphalt,

It's almost as if I'm a machine, and my fuel is the road.

Legs turning, arms pumping, lungs breathing;

Shoes eating.

Five miles, six miles, seven miles, ten miles.

Consuming each step,

And digesting it all into a moment of endorphine euphoria.

They're full.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was one of those days where I was reminded why I love to run.

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What is it holds you back, oh clock?

Your slow ticking becomes more slack,

drags endlessly while I stand and rock

my son's pushchair. At my back

my daughter screams out her frustration

at this tiresome immobility,

while I shame at such a demonstration

before by-passing humanity.

Time will for no man wait

but man must often wait for time.

It will not speed its measured gait

nor precipitate its hourly chime.

The quarter hour seems never ending,

twice its length, and still no sign

or sight of that conveyance wending

its way uphill. I must resign

myself to patience, so I stand

and watch the scurrying crowds go by.

My daughter tugs me by the hand.

"Why won't it come?" I hear her cry.

Her brother then becomes infected

with her restless attitude.

The minutes make him more dejected

at this enforced lassitude,

until his energy he can contain

no longer, so he stands and tries

to descend his pram, the ashphalt gain,

and in his eager haste denies

all caution, landing with a crash

upon the pavement giving forth

a shrill scream. My teeth I gnash

In frustration and impotent wrath.

Then at last I sight the bus

at the bottom of the hill.

It finally stops in front of us.

Relieved, I mount and pay my bill.

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"Artist&Graphics @ Penny Parker "

Copyrighted © Design

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Sometimes we do some magic

With choices that are wrough

Romantic dreamer, this I know

This journey I must make in light...

In meadows near and valleys far

Through miles behind me, more ahead,

This trek before me is quite long,

With an urge that seems to drive me on...

So many lovely things I do miss,

Like a sudden breeze, that stirs a tree,

Some of them small and others large,

That bares my petals, in the sun...

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Genetic Aptitude

If a broken bone heals

stronger than before,

is that true too

of a broken heart?

Is each remedy

a testament to tenacity

or just genetic aptitude

steeling for the next assault

stupidly beating us onward

until we buckle

beneath the multitude of scars?

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Pinch, plagiarise plunder

Stab, attack thunder.

Claim hers as own,

She never wonders.

More from her, one snatches

Nature replace in batches

Almighty Gods abundance

Aggressions, torture body and mind

she excels in intelligence.

External subversives, sanctions

she uses to her advantageous actions.

A blessing in disguise --

Her positives; motivates.

She swallows

Humiliations and hurts

Melancholia, depression

She never allows

stubbornly tenacious strides.

Terrorist thunder, bombs burst

nothing more could be for her worst.

From dagger assaults, she staggers but

never sinks. “Cauldron of cacophony” they say

Ridicule and mock her simple way.

Double standard, the hollow sophisticate share

of their vacuous she is well aware.

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"I am a loving man!"

And the world knows, except the gang

with the gong of violence!

Agile moves behind skin tight masks,

impossible to recognize.

Ultimately the truth prevails..


The New Yorkers on streets,

March for peace in spite, assaults;

Voice "Not at the cost of our names,"


Unison, hand in hand, "I am a loving man!"


In Truce he isn't alone

World and New Yorkers tone

Overpower evil, who can?

"The loving man!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The statement in inverted commas_made by President George Bush in 2001. Can anyone recollect the same?

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Ich Bitte um Verzeihung

Lassen Sie mich, energisch Atmen.

Meine unfertige Aufgabe, muك beenden

Die begreife ich nicht wenn

Sie mich mit Ihrem Stab berühren.


Bitte tun Sie ein Gefallen. Weg segeln

Suchen Sie keinen Anker auf meinen Augenlidern

Ich muك in die Tiefen meine Seele vereisen

Von den schwarzen Loch des Ozons

die Wahrheit zu entdecken.

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