Words From the Ex.

kerbykid101 (8:20:07 PM): i miss you

kerbykid101 (8:20:09 PM): more than ive missed anything

kerbykid101 (8:20:14 PM): ialways think of you

kerbykid101 (8:20:20 PM): i wish i could stop it

kerbykid101 (8:20:26 PM): but at the same time i dont want to

kerbykid101 (8:20:28 PM): but

kerbykid101 (8:20:33 PM): i love you

kerbykid101 (8:20:36 PM): and its wrong

kerbykid101 (8:20:43 PM): sometimes

kerbykid101 (8:20:48 PM): actually all the time

kerbykid101 (8:20:52 PM): but it feels right

kerbykid101 (8:21:02 PM): i wonder if i made the right choice to be with madisyn

kerbykid101 (8:21:10 PM): because she makes me crazy

kerbykid101 (8:21:17 PM): and im crazy about you

kerbykid101 (8:21:28 PM): everytime you time you say that you still love me

kerbykid101 (8:21:40 PM): i wish you knew how much i still love you

kerbykid101 (8:21:51 PM): and even though i shouldnt have these feelings

kerbykid101 (8:21:57 PM): i dont want to get rid of them

kerbykid101 (8:22:01 PM): there to strong

kerbykid101 (8:22:08 PM): and sometimes

kerbykid101 (8:22:16 PM): i cant help to think

kerbykid101 (8:22:25 PM): should i change everything?

kerbykid101 (8:22:32 PM): by leaving madisyn

kerbykid101 (8:22:46 PM): but then again that might just make things worse

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love you.

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ill kiss your lips a thousand times.

ill love you form day till night

cause baby you're all in need for me to survive in this life.

i look into your big brown eyes,our love comes off as no surprise

cause baby girl you're all i need

to survive int his life.

and i'll hold you in my arms

we wont be alarmed

by all the sckness int he world.

i'll be there for you,

you'll be there for me and,oh,wnt we be happy?

wont we?

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Uncharted Course

Soul Poetry

Did someone speak out my name?

I heard a sound of nothing,

yet whispers of beckoning

propel me forward.

I feel like I am blindly being led,

to glimpses of unsightly scenes,

yet my eyes take in,

all that surrounds me.

I'm mentally marking places,

so finding my way back will be simple,

even though, right now,

I'm lost.

A maze of confusion

points towards the direction

of a backwards one-way street-

and foolishly, I follow.

Street signs bent and twisted

give no inkling of where this is,

and even less,

of where it goes.

Had I breadcrumbs,

I'd drop them behind each step,

an indication of the hunger

that drives me onward.

But in such a starving state,

I crave the banquet

that may be ahead,

but may too, be already consumed.

So halfway there,

between now and forever,

I turn back, too afraid to tread,

where my feet have never touched.

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The Long Night

This miserioux town

Is exactly what it seems

A void to swallow down

All our hopes and dreams

From corner to corner

As the lights are getting dim

Shards of this reality

Begin to dissipate again

So many nameless faces

Gathered on the streets

Lost inside their worlds

That only they can see

Between these moments

And the past I'm forced to see

I know there'll come a day

For you to rescue me

Take me to the city

Where nothing is at all

Take me to the world

Where angels dare not fall

Take me to the fires

That can burn life in me

Take me to your arms

That's where I want to be

As the sun sets grimly

Upon the souls of the lost

In this one horse town

That the world has forgot

Smiling faces in the dark

When they listen to the scene

Bound inside their own minds

Lost within their dreams

With the death of sorrow

In their faint white eyes

This miserioux continues

To distort them into lies

Another long day

That I'm forced to see

These never-ending walls

That block you from me

Take me to the city

Where nothing is at all

Take me to the world

Where angels dare not fall

Take me to the fires

That can burn life in me

Take me to your arms

That's where I want to be

Calling out to the sky

For their eyes to open wide

But the truth it is denied

As they live inside their lies

I can see the hurt

And I can feel the pain

But their strong facades

I just can not break

And so mine I hide

Not to add to it all

So inside my mind

I feel myself slowly fall

Becoming one of them

I'm lost to this town

But there's a part of me

That you have found

Take me to the city

Where nothing is at all

Take me to the world

Where angels dare not fall

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Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

Pray for a moment

This will be the last day

That you haveto

go through this bull

Count to three

Hope it helps

take you through

It all agian

Count to five

Hope for someone

to save the day

hope for someone

to say thats that

count to eight

pray its not to late

to start over

and be happy again

count to ten

time to start agian

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Dark Poetry

Accept me for who I am

or leave me where I stand.

This open wound will heal today.

I’ll leave you where you lay.

Leave me here, a bloody mess

you clean up the rest.

Take your gold, your ring, your kiss.

I’ll take with me this bliss.

Accept my thanks for what you gave

or leave it in the grave.

This hole in the ground is yours and mine.

I’ll leave with what I find.

Leave our love, a tangled heap

you have sown– now reap.

Take your crop, what you create.

I’ll take with me your hate.

Accept it now, the simple facts

or leave with what you lack.

This empty place inside your heart.

I’ll leave you torn apart.

Leave right now without a trace

you handle the mirror’s face.

Take your betrayal– let it be done.

I’ll take with me this freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate you.

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The Journey

   We all look to end up in a place

somewhere were we feel we belong

somewhere were people will like us

often times this place is but a myth

A myth that many of us go through life

endlessly trying to reach

some tend to feel it will be found through knowledge

4 years and you are free

4 years and you can dream

for many though these 4 years are nothing more

than part of the journey

a journey that goes far beyond accelades and praise

these years are not for purposes of gaining status

Most believe it is to find out the puzzle of their lives

The puzzle often times does not lead to a completion

It is within the struggle of self, others and society

that this puzzle is to be solved

there is no time limit on this journey

for it is different for everyone

the key is to follow along the trails and enjoy

For getting somewhere is not as important as the travel

A travel that for some makes life worth living

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Safely Drowning

Depressed Poetry

Inside my soul is bleeding,

tears stream down my face.

I'm so incredibly lost,

and yet I still feel.

There is this amazing love,

burning deep inside my soul.

These dreams that fill

my every night with ease.

But there is also this toture,

that leaves my heart broken.

Also these memories inside,

that bring out my tears.

But again this feeling,

that could be nothing but love.

It puts the pieces back together

everytime I crumble.

Still ripping me apart.

Still keeping me together.

Drowning my broken soul.

Saving my life.

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A life spent in loneliness,

A family that didn’t care.

Endless nights spent in pain,

Living with people who couldn’t share.

Eight years of my life I spent,

Void of feeling and love.

I spent too many nights on my knees,

Praying to those above.

My prayers finally answered,

As I quietly worked away my time.

A man and woman walked through the door,

Finally a family I could call mine.

Ten years have passed,

Since that day has past.

The love of my family is always with me,

A love that will always last.

I’m awaiting my life to move forward,

A new chapter to begin.

I’ll change things all around,

Both outside and within!

Life throws you through spirals,

When new things come around.

When the question presents itself,

Which choice will be found?

I have decisions to make,

Which choice is the wrong one.

If I choose Yes,

Will my life till now be wrong?

The decision to make is mine alone,

I soon will make my choice.

I will give my answer proudly,

Declared in my own voice.

I will not feel remorse,

For a decision I have made.

The family I have now,

Is something I will never trade.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone will have a different idea of what my poem means.  I would love to hear what anyone has to say about it or what your idea as to what this poem is about.  If you would like to leave a comment sign my guest book or send me an email.  Thank you!  D.B.

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