Rescue Me

Volume Two

Standing alone in the rain

with just my deamons and the pain

screaming aloud but nothing escapes

"Save me, Rescue me

shelter my dreams from the unforgiving tides

holding on before my sanity subsides

affraid to take that extra step

affraid it would lead to another regret

all while trying hard not to forget"

Don't look back, It's only full of broken promises

It hurts just to reminisce

the past will only hold you down

look to the future, thats where you'll find your crown

I know it's hard to be short sighted

"Save me, Resuce me

hiding the pain so well

forgetting that your rotting in hell

affraid to take that extra step

affraid it would lead to yet another regret

all while trying hard not to forget"

So here I stand, this time I hesitate

to move in any direction, for fear of another mistake

so here I stand, trapped between the memories of the past

and of a future I cannot seem to grasp

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3 years without writing anything, and I still got it strong :D

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The Truth and The Lie

This life I live, will never give,

I am here for always, never failing,

I will succeed, in all I do,

Because this is me, and I am always true.

Honesty is everything, and this is what I mean,

You must be true, or consider me dead to you,

There is nothing worse, than a lie like this,

You best not lie, or there'll never be life in bliss.

The lie is the devil, speaking through you,

This is the evil, it will make you never true,

Death will be upon us, if this come,

And to hell you will be, no matter where your from.

Be true and honest, and heaven will become,

You will rise up, and never be undone,

Life shall increase, in happiness and love,

This shall be you, just stay honest and above.

This is all, you must do,

Just stay honest, and always be true,

I will never, let you go,

If you follow, this simple rule.

The reward is heaven, heaven on earth,

For everything you wish, shall come with this,

The lie will kill, Though it may be a thrill,

Do not give in, for this is a punishable sin.

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Hoping High Again!!

I know I have fallen

I know I have drowned

I know I am wreck right now

And all my smiles have frowned

I know I am so weak

I know I played the fools

I know my dreams have died

And I hoped in bloody pools

I know that I won’t hide

I know that you won’t care

I still know I am right

And have everything to share

I know that I have lost

And that too in your domain

But I still have a faith

I will win my life again…

11.39 p.m.

Wednesday September 27, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its about sum challenges that you face in life..some hopes that you have, that are broken by ppl...and then you feel all alone...its about life which is given once...and hope affiliated with it

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"Almost had a niggah"

“Almost had a niggah...”

Aight Umma probably get some slack for what um bout to say but I gotta keep it real.

You probably wonderin Y a nigga ain’t call you back, so let me tell you the deal.

See you had me diggin you; yo convo had a nigga stimulated I was feelin yo style.

You was wearin the fuck out that outfit, and you was really killin me with yo smile.

I mean the night was perfect, we talked for hours, I felt like you was my new best-friend.

It didn’t matter that I had been up 18 hours, and was fallin a sleep cuz I didn’t want the night to end.

I mean yo, you had a nigga thinking you might be the one; the answer to my dreams.

I was thinking longevity, all of a sudden life wasn’t as hard as it had before seemed.

I hadn’t felt like that in a minute…you had me thinking it was gonna be ok to be on lock.

Our chemistry had a nigga thinkin about more than yo ass so a niggah was on shock!

But, then it happened you started comin on to a niggah and baby that was a mistake.

A niggah tried to respect you; but an offer of yo ass, I’d never refuse to take.

You almost had a niggah intrigued until you gave up that ass so quick.

You shoulda never let me hit it if in the future you wanted to see more than a niggah’s dick.

A niggah can get some ass whenever he want it, you gotta show him it’s something special about yours.

If you given it to him on the 1st day, you’re now in the club of all the other “easy to get whores”.

Ass comes a dime a dozen, we all know it ain’t that hard to get.

Don’t get mad at a niggah 4 bein a niggah cuz he hit  it and quit!

I have a suggestion, next time you think you feelin a niggah and you want a better chance to for it to last.

Mystery is exciting; he’ll be forced  to appreciate your mind body and spirit if his dick ain’t drippin wet from yo “too easy to get ass”!

By Bryant Mosley

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about not having sex to soon if you want to maintain a man's interest/respect for you.

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"I apprecaite your call"

“I appreciate your call”

You could have called me but you didn’t.

Almost gave u  benefit of  doubt;  but common sense was able to  prevent..

No need for any excuses; don’t wanna hear it!

Your councious was trying to do right, but risk of commitment made u fear it.

Don’t try to make it up to me cuz we both know

you done blew it!

I’m second best to no one plus my heart was vulnerable and you knew it!

Game is over, and I’ve lost once again!

But this time I was supposed to at least retain a friend.

As far as I’m concerned I shouldn’t be!

Mad at the fool in myself, but who wouldn’t be?

Never shoulda let you close at such an early rate!

Trusting no one must be my fate!

They say you teach people how to treat you, and I already know that’s true!

That’s why I’m no longer taking phone calls from or calling you!

By Bryant Mosley

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being let down by someone whom appeared genuinely interested in me.

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Tango Del Corazon

Grab her hand pull her close

Secure her arm around you so

Inhale a deep breath just once

And you're set to go

Be careful where you step

But don't keep your eyes on the floor

For this dance is a tricky one

This tango del corazon

Spin her once and feel the rush

As her hair blows past

Glimpse into her eyes just once

Flash her the smile to make her blush

Slide your feet along the marble floor

Feel your heart rush as you float

All the while caught up

In this tango del corazon

Just be careful when you dip her

Hold her tight never let go at all

And no matter what you do

Don't ever ever let her fall

Such a dangerous game you play

One wrong step and it's all ruined

Be careful which way you go

On this tango del corazon

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Non Military

I wanna go to Tokyo
Before I die
Take of my straight jacket
Let me tell you why
I wanna go to Tokyo
See my Geisha girl
Please don’t inject me
My brain is in a whirl
I wanna go to Tokyo
Before I die
Sing `My Way` on Karaoke
Eat a raw fish eye
I wanna go to Tokyo
Before I die
Sayonara world
My  straps to tight big guy
Good bye


© Tony McNally

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Soles of our Souls

If you had to guess how many steps a baby boy will walk throughout his life, how monolithic would your prognosis be?

The violins violently play his corrupted crescendo as the child learns to crawl and circle takes the square.

Whether it's a simple stroll to the playground or a parade to Paris or Tennessee,

I think that we can all agree to guarantee that in due time, he won't be able to walk a single step without the aid of crutches or the use of a wheel chair.

...It's less problematic to descend down a hill than it is to hike back up,

Preferring to search for a scapegoat instead of admitting blame when you sinfully spill the golden cup.

From the noble epic journeys to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to hiding in the shadows of the night on a dark, unnamed street,

You can tell a lot about a man simply by taking a look at the soles of his shoes or the bottom of his feet...

If you had to assume how many steps a man has taken so far in his existence, how enormous would your estimate approximately be?

The trumpets tragically scream their satanic sounds of salvation as Humpty Dumpty cracks his head after slipping on a banana peel.

Whether it's that blissful walk down the isle of commitment or the heartrending trip to visit the dying tree,

I'm sure that we can all imagine that in due course, he'll forfeit his weary appendages and trade them in for a plane, a train, or an automobile.

...It's less complicated to knock down Heaven's gleaming gate that it is to attempt to find the forbidden key,

Opting to sneak into eternity rather than desperately searching among the blasphemy and debris.

From wandering the mammoth maze of Manhattan to discovering self serenity atop the ancient ruins of Peru,

You can relive a man's life merely by walking around in his somnolent shoes...

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'Dashii ne'



Destruction of the Mass

Seeming massacres, allas

Losing the support of the hand beneath

Touching...Yet I just can't seem

To not glance over the shoulders

I used to feel comforted

It should'n hurt me to be free

Like you keep telling me

Loneliness' self fears me

Death just runs from me, though I keep chasing

Misfits embracing,

His shoulders seem my grown....Fealty

Never relying on love alone

That known, let me stand perplex

Over your hastened request for sex..

Love and lust are not my thing

I left you, thinking

Was that a first?

I seem to thirst

For the satisfying feeling, a vocation, really

To the excellency of becoming me


(Necranime: `Seems`)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Stand up for whatever you feel, never give in to something you don't agree with...It's the essence of self and individual growth.~~

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