The Journey

   We all look to end up in a place

somewhere were we feel we belong

somewhere were people will like us

often times this place is but a myth

A myth that many of us go through life

endlessly trying to reach

some tend to feel it will be found through knowledge

4 years and you are free

4 years and you can dream

for many though these 4 years are nothing more

than part of the journey

a journey that goes far beyond accelades and praise

these years are not for purposes of gaining status

Most believe it is to find out the puzzle of their lives

The puzzle often times does not lead to a completion

It is within the struggle of self, others and society

that this puzzle is to be solved

there is no time limit on this journey

for it is different for everyone

the key is to follow along the trails and enjoy

For getting somewhere is not as important as the travel

A travel that for some makes life worth living

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