guilty conscense


I feel your famine and your anguish

No escape from the treason you have committed

I have caused more harm than I have given hope

I threw myself A lifeline but denied by fate.

Angel of mercy have pity on my soul for what I have done to myself and others

see me as I am not for what I have done feel me as the breeze that sweeps across your face

hear me as you would A child crying for help

justice calls

the hammer of justice comes falling down

the hammer of justice falls and my soul feels sorrow

guilty conscence for a guilty soul

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im stuck and i cant get out

i feel like im climbing

higher and higher,

hoping, dreaming to reach the surface

i keep  trying to convince myself

but in truth deep down

i know ill continue climbing

im always trying

im always hoping

that ill reach the top

that the climb up isnt endless and hopeless

that maybe sometime soon things will change

that my efforts will have paid off.

i find myself frustrated

frustrated at the thought

that change isnt in the books of our futur

and i am faced with a choice

and choice that troubles me

but mostly frustrates me

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(T. Beechey)

An echo of the slamming door was the last she ever heard

Not a word was spoken as she went around the bend

It was an end to a nightmare very few can awake from

Now she's come to her senses with a message she can send

She made her decision and there's no going back

Gotta stay on the track and keep movin' on ahead

Words were said that weren't intended,but that's how it has to be

Since she made her decision,she walks paths some never tread

He watched as,round the corner,her shadow slowly faded

He never anticipated that,indeed,she'd follow through

Now there's nothing left to do but hush the coming sorrow

Why wait till tomorrow when the thought's still fresh and new?

He made his decision and there's no second chance

He can't advance any further than where he's standing now

Somehow,he'll have to travel on this journey alone

All unknown to everybody who has made that silent vow

Somewhere,there's a lesson that no one ever bothers learning

So,we just keep returning to the places that we were

As her fate is undecided,his phone keeps on ringing

Never bringing any closure to decisions in a blur

They made their decisions,now each must face what's awaiting

For underestimating values that the other had to share

So unaware of the consequences of their actions

Now time ticks in meager fractions through eyes which only stare

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Little White Lies

Have we such little faith as to fall from the truth?

Telling lies to pass the time

Have we fallen so far into the depths of war?

Have we fallen so far from God?

Who is thy Lord?  Who is thy Lord?

My lady I pray thee tell who is thy Lord?

Whose name do you trust and who's word?

Doth the glory lie with women and men?

Doth thy glory lie with thine own cunning?

The mind of the creature away from the creator

Creation hath creations of her own

Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity

Destructive and reckless!  To what end?!

Ripping the foundation upon which thou doth stand

"My Child! MY CHILD!!" The savior doth cry

"My Child I am still here!  Inheritance is thine."

To the far country thou hast fled

Only muck all thy treasures shall be in time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"No one is hurt by it"

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I'd Rather Hang Up On You Than Be Hung Up On You


you said you wanted to apologize

but i can i see that's not what it is

you think i cannot see through this.

i understand just what you're doing

don't say that it's hard to believe.

i'm not as stupid as you may think

i'll destroy all these lies you concieve,

with truth whether you want it or not

it's coming through so let it.

stop thinking you're the only one

as soon as it sinks in you'll just forget it.

don't placate me and turn this around

i did nothing wrong, i did nothing at all

and with not a word you've said enough

don't expect credit for a simple phone call

you turned something easy into

a problem all over again

i didn't expect less but

don't think that i want more

this is over,

this is the end.

get the operator on the line,

i want to hear a dial tone.

do what you do best,

leave me alone.

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Guilty or not guilty?

Guilty or not guilty?

Accused of murder.

The mans fate lies within the jury.

Lawyers arguing.

"Order in the court!"

Guilty or not guilty?

Such a small choice,

Such a large penalty.

Did he do it?

They can't decide.


The mans head hangs low.

The bailiff takes him away.

Behind cold steel bars, an innocent man lies.

Caged like an animal for a crime he did not commit.

But they will never listen.

They will never know.

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*~ Charlie ~*

September 20th, 2005

Down on my knees to fall

I surrender it all

My heart full of innocence

And all it represents

The love and drive

It loves as if it were five

The world in which I live

All and more to you I give

Baby boy or baby girl

Eaither to put your days to swirl

The love to you that they would give

In hopes you'll one day forgive

The life I live for

With all it has to explore

Down on my knees to fall

So to you I surrender it all

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What Is Pain?

What is pain

Its love thats drained

Love will drive you insane

With the pain you have gained

Love id in your heart

Pain hits like a dart

It knocks you down

BAM, you hit the ground

You've fallen

You can't keep yourself from ballen

Get a gun

'Cause you cant run

You'll die trying

From all the lying

You see love and pain go hand in hand

Its like trying to get out of quick sand

So what is...........PAIN!?!?!?

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John Proctor (The Crucible)

I'm guilty

And she knew

I slept with

You know who

I cheated

I lied

He's innocent

Elizabeth cried

It was Abigail

Whose claim was fake

I won't let Elizabeth die

For my mistake

I cheated

I lied

He's innocent

Elizabeth cried

I was a fool

To hurt my wife

And now i pay

With my own life

I cheated

I lied

He's innocent

Elizabeth cried

I would confess

But they want me to sign

NOt my name

It's only mine

I cheated

I lied

He's innocent

Elizabeth cried

Elizabeth was arrested

Because of me

Now I hang

FOr Salem to see

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote thi poem for my english class, because we read the crucible and i thought john proctor was a good character to do it on!

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