Uncharted Course

Soul Poetry

Did someone speak out my name?

I heard a sound of nothing,

yet whispers of beckoning

propel me forward.

I feel like I am blindly being led,

to glimpses of unsightly scenes,

yet my eyes take in,

all that surrounds me.

I'm mentally marking places,

so finding my way back will be simple,

even though, right now,

I'm lost.

A maze of confusion

points towards the direction

of a backwards one-way street-

and foolishly, I follow.

Street signs bent and twisted

give no inkling of where this is,

and even less,

of where it goes.

Had I breadcrumbs,

I'd drop them behind each step,

an indication of the hunger

that drives me onward.

But in such a starving state,

I crave the banquet

that may be ahead,

but may too, be already consumed.

So halfway there,

between now and forever,

I turn back, too afraid to tread,

where my feet have never touched.

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