Dark Poetry

Accept me for who I am

or leave me where I stand.

This open wound will heal today.

I’ll leave you where you lay.

Leave me here, a bloody mess

you clean up the rest.

Take your gold, your ring, your kiss.

I’ll take with me this bliss.

Accept my thanks for what you gave

or leave it in the grave.

This hole in the ground is yours and mine.

I’ll leave with what I find.

Leave our love, a tangled heap

you have sown– now reap.

Take your crop, what you create.

I’ll take with me your hate.

Accept it now, the simple facts

or leave with what you lack.

This empty place inside your heart.

I’ll leave you torn apart.

Leave right now without a trace

you handle the mirror’s face.

Take your betrayal– let it be done.

I’ll take with me this freedom.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate you.

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