A life spent in loneliness,

A family that didn’t care.

Endless nights spent in pain,

Living with people who couldn’t share.

Eight years of my life I spent,

Void of feeling and love.

I spent too many nights on my knees,

Praying to those above.

My prayers finally answered,

As I quietly worked away my time.

A man and woman walked through the door,

Finally a family I could call mine.

Ten years have passed,

Since that day has past.

The love of my family is always with me,

A love that will always last.

I’m awaiting my life to move forward,

A new chapter to begin.

I’ll change things all around,

Both outside and within!

Life throws you through spirals,

When new things come around.

When the question presents itself,

Which choice will be found?

I have decisions to make,

Which choice is the wrong one.

If I choose Yes,

Will my life till now be wrong?

The decision to make is mine alone,

I soon will make my choice.

I will give my answer proudly,

Declared in my own voice.

I will not feel remorse,

For a decision I have made.

The family I have now,

Is something I will never trade.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone will have a different idea of what my poem means.  I would love to hear what anyone has to say about it or what your idea as to what this poem is about.  If you would like to leave a comment sign my guest book or send me an email.  Thank you!  D.B.

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