Knifes and forks colliding

Preparing the dishes, soaking my hands in the hot water. Up again. Too hot. Think of something important, something clever. All I can think of i blue. What is that? Nothing deep, nothing smart. Just a colour. Blue. Of all the brilliant words we humans invented, blue is the word I can think of?

I would love to be the next Shakespeare, or Keats. Letting my pen capture the feelings pulsating in my fingertips. Writing sonetts and prayers. But all I got is blue. It keeps coming back, won't get out of my head. 
The water still pouring from the tap, drowning every bit of food left on the plates. Like the storm on the seas, the stream sweeps off the last bits of rice. Knifes and forks colliding. Like the shipwrecks they are, threating to cut me open. 
Blue sings my mind like an infinite loop trying to tell me something. Frustrated with the lack of greatness in my ways I look down, the plates is in war with the pots and pans. The hot steel's threatening the poor china. But it's rather a voluntary surrender than a hostile takeover. The glasses keeps their distance, and in their transparent way of being, keeping the secret of their whereabout. 
The words are lost on me, and all I can see in front of me is a warfare more dangerous than the one in my closet. There have the shirts and trousers lost their way, and now relent on the good grace of the socks. I've tried to hold peace, but the panties and the bras just won't get along and is bringing everyone with them.
Why can't i be the next Woolf. Speaking of my bodyparts or something less ordinary, why is it that blue with all it's meaning is left with my mind now when the dishes are clean and the water tuned out.
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blue ocean tides


In the stillness of the blue ocean tides
As the water sweeps on the sea rides
I feel you are with me; holding my hands,
Walking slowly along the cold wet sands,
Knowing that one day we shall meet.
In a silence of the early dawns greet
There is only few seagulls cry reside
Out in the ocean, watch the boat slide,
Somewhere, west winds touch the sunset,
Before the twilight, you will come to rest,
With tears of gladness, in your blue eye
You watch the fish, whispering good bye
Where is my darling, please do not hide,
I have waited so long, to be by your side!



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walking through a smokey fume.. in this sealed up dark room..
I saw your eyes bleeding blue.


going up, going down. spin spin around & around
falling to my knees, calling out to God, please
save me from this crucifixion
cut the ties to lifes addictions
spit up the lies you fed, on which I choked
climbing up these ropes
running away from the hoax
insanity, the only word she knows.


deep in the dungeon, I go plunging
searching for the meaning
intervening, I come between two scales..
a lions head with three flaming tails.


i'm not like this.. you're leading me to be crazy..
one day i'll run, forever away from you, maybe...
like the speed of light, in a flash, little hazy.
there's more for me then this demonic plague..
there's more to life then constant conviction.


wrists are shaking & those screams begin to take a toll..
driving round this winding road..
i'm done with your pitiful smold of an existence..
don't act like you know what i'm missing.
so here I plant my feet in the ground, not bending for you now
never again will I twist or turn
because bitch, you've got so much to learn.

Sapphire Star

Casting a sapphire gaze around the sun,

You mesmerised my eyes,

That drew inside your mind,

Your Trojan Horse against the world.


Into my being was sewn you as rose;

In lucid blueness,lost,

Too vast for I to bloom,

Creation of your pain surreal;


Pale of a petalled veil,mirrored sun;

Your colour butterflied,

In rainbow wings which gazed

Into my heart and lit my dreams. 

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And When I Look Up

Nature / Folder 1

When I go outside on a sunny day,
And I look up,
I want to see that beautiful sky.
That deep, deep blue sky,
I love it so much....maybe more than anything.
I want to see it because it feels like...

like a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter morning...

or like a cozy soft cuddly blanket--the kind that your mom keeps on the back of the couch for chilly, rainy nights.

When I go outside
On a sunny day
And I see that sky,
That deep, deep blue sky,
I know that no matter
what happens
that day,
When I look up it will be there.

And when I see that deep,
Deep blue sky,
And things do not go
Exactly right,
There will be something
that is good,
When I look up.

And if by chance that day,
Some dark, grey clouds
Come and smother the deep,
Deep, blue sky,
I will know the dark, grey clouds
Are really why I love my

When I get home,
And the day has been long,
And the day has been hard,
I will curl up on my couch,
And reach for the cuddly,

In the morning,
I will make a bowl of oatmeal,

And when I walk outside,
I want to see the sky...
Because I love it so much.

Copyright 2012

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About comforts.

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Our Thin Blue Flag

The mast wore yellow in the sun an' rain,
the flag wore thin to see straight through,
the reason that it rose is long forgot,
the reason why stays stays true,

with only the earth to keep our truth,
and only the heavens to store our hope,
somewhere in between, on a rusted mast,
on a taught and fraying rope,

flies the thin blue flag against the sky,
with love and pride and sorrow,
to shoulder all our pain of past,
and hopes of our tomorrow,

so whether feeling love or loss,
or whether good or bad,
above you flies the southern cross
upon our thin blue flag.

Warmth Of Another Kind (Purple)

And as the vibrant blue fades I see this deep shade of purple encircle me.

Overpowering my mind with this overwhelming warmth of another kind.

It's as though The vibrant blue was a poison that left me blind


But finally I see through you vibrant blue,

And it's this heartwarming shade of purple, All I see is you.

Concealing my mind from any other hue,

Your pleasant shade of pure purple heals me,

Giving me a second chance to see.

All darkness fades and a new light from the purple remains.

The vibrant blue completely distains.


Purple, I don't know if your kind intentions are true,

but all of this,

is an ode to you.

Thank you,

for stealing me away from the vibrant blue.

Restoring the feeling to my bones,

The color to my face,

Bringing my life to a moderate pace.


- The Lazarus


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Kind of a part 2 to Vibrant Blue.

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Vibrant Blue

What is this color I see?

It's been everywhere I look, no matter where I may be.

It's like a vibrant blue,

so bright, with a warmth that radiates from it's hue.


I wonder, what are you? Why are you all I see?

It won't respond to me, but it sweeps over me with this feeling of ecstasy,

comforting me.


I try to follow it,

But it constantly eludes me.

Is it even aware of my existence?

Vibrant blue, I can see you so clearly, but do you even see me?

The thought of it drives me crazy.

Or was I already crazy for thinking this color can comfort me in the first place?


It's been so long now since I first felt the vibrant blue's embrace,

and now I'm starting to realize it's slowly fading from my sight without a trace.


No! Don't go vibrant blue,

Please come back to me!

Without your light I can't see!

...I miss you.


yet no matter how badly I want it to remain,

The color slowly fades away,

Leaving me with this disdain.

The vibrant blue begins to distain.

As it grows dark, the warmth turns to pain,

And just now in the fading light I can see why this is the way I must remain.


- The Fever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Vibrant Blue = Color of the first beer bottle I've drunk from

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the color of blue by Dfx

Blue dawn persists well past days light
The colors of my life have all ran to blue again tonight
The evening spent not knowing just what to do
Still unable to see around, over or through
the immense size of this color blue
With only one constant on which to depend
Lonely days stretch end to end
In sullen darkness, moments cherished and thoughts of love once true
tumble over painfully
Memories shaded blue
Along comes morning
The sunrise takes on a familiar, indigo hue
So begins another day
Its dawn colored blue

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