I never would have imagined it
But some how you did
That day you said it, I fell
Backwards in shock, and I did,

I actually became speechless
The day you told me you loved me
I found myself in a sate of bliss
And this I know you can see

Because that day I told you
That I was
I didn’t know how true, just how
True you’re feelings were/was

And every time you say it
I find that I am still
Struck speechless, because it
Is the greatest thing, even still

I could not have imagined it
Not then, not ever
That your feelings where there, it
Has become something that I cant live without, not ever

I am so struck by your love
That even now as I write this
I know you weren’t sent from above
But I still feel such bliss

Each and every time you say it
That you love me
I find that I cannot say it
But somehow I do, this I know you can see

How your love has given me
A new reason to face the day
Even though I still want to be set free
I still will find a way

To go on and see
What this new day has in store
I know that one day I will be set free
And toward them, close that door

That will all come, one day
And that day I shall rejoice
And finally say
That they gave me no choice

But even until then
I still find myself speechless
Each and every time when
You tell me of your love, because its bliss

Written on
July 26, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Scott Wolf. The very first time he said he loved me, I was speechless. I found myself 'speechless' everytime he tells me that he loves me. I figure this will be the same thing my whole life, with him.

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