He watched her put her feet into the water

as she sat upon the shore…

and he began to see her 

as he never had before.


He always thought she was beautiful

but seated by her side

with her face reflected in the water

he saw her beauty multiplied.


And in that very moment

(until then he hadn’t thought about it much)

he saw how she was like the water

soft and gentle to the touch.


He felt the magic in the water 

as it changed from colors green and blue

and he felt that same magic in her voice

her eyes

and in her smile too


And it made him smile as they sat there

together by the shore…

for he knew just like the water 


she was filled with mysteries to explore.

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This is a magnificent poem,

This is a magnificent poem, and the first stanza is a perfect---and I do mean PERFECT!---beginning for it.  I have bookmarked this one in my favorites list.  First poem I read this morning, and that is one fine way to start the day. I shall be back later for another reading.


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