Each morning when I wake up I give thanks for all the big things in my life

My friends, my family, my children, my grandchildren and my wife


I give thanks I have enough clothes to keep me warm and food to keep me fed

that I have a house…a car…and at night…a comfortable place to lay my head.


When I take a walk I give thanks for all the big things that I see…

The sun, the moon, the ocean…every cloud and every tree.


And I never forget to thank the Earth for all that she is giving

from all the beauty she surrounds me with to the air that keeps me living.


When I’m finished thanking big things I start to thank the small things that catch my eye

A loving smile, a kind hearted wave…a bird…a butterfly.


A ladybug landing on my finger, the crickets making their nightly sound

A leaf that gently floats upon the wind as it flutters to the ground.


I spend my days and nights like this thanking things both big and small

And when my day is over I realize…I haven’t thanked them all.


But that does not discourage me…that I didn’t thank everything on my list

Because I know tomorrow I’ll have another chance to thank those things I missed.

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