We went to the top of a mountain…up a mountain road we wound our way

because we know it’s the perfect place to watch the sun set on the day.


We never tire of watching a sunset…for each one is unique 

The sky is ever-changing as the sun and clouds play hide-and-seek.


There is something soothing…mesmerizing…watching another day go to bed…as colors stretch across the sky in shades of yellow, orange and red.


I guess you could say, as far as sunsets, Deborah and I are fans…but this evening as we stood atop the mountain the sun and clouds had other plans.


This evening’s sun was bashful…she seemed a lttle shy…choosing to hide behind the clouds as they spread across the sky.


But we were not upset…on a mountain top…surrounded by the trees..

for even a sunset with no sun…is a beautiful sight to see.


With no sunset to watch…our eyes found so many other sights to see…

For instance…a group of little birds as they landed in a nearby tree.


They were a little distance away but we noticed how the tree they landed in shook…

so I ran to the car, got our binoculars…so we could get a closer look


There on the mountaintop…unable to watch the sunset we adore…

we saw, instead, a group of birds we had never seen before.


A google search led us to cedar waxwings…and I admit we were both stunned

because the cedar waxwing has the same colors of our bashful setting sun.


The little orange atop its head looked kind of like a veil…

The red showed up on the tip of its wings…they yellow on its tail.


To top it off…we were serenaded by this previously, to us, unseen bird

with one of the softest sweetest birdsongs we have ever heard.


Yes, we came to the mountain to watch a sunset…

but when that sunset was obscured….

we were blessed…

oh how we were blessed

to find our sunset in a bird.

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It’s easy to forget we are but one part of this Earth…forget all the ties that bind us

no matter how often…how every day…the Earth tries so hard to remind us.


The food we eat, the air we breathe…comes from the Earth that surrounds us

Not to mention the magnificence…the wonder and the beauty

that she’s created all around us.


If you happen to be near the ocean at sunrise

you’re treated to a sight that’s difficult to put into words

It is beautiful, rhythmic…and acrobatic…we call it the dancing of the birds.


You see birds standing on the shoreline…you marvel at the amount

hundreds…maybe thousands…far too many for you to count.


Then together, as if on cue, in the glow of the morning’s first light

every bird that was, a moment ago, standing…collectively takes flight.


They fly in this wonderful formation

you find yourself mesmerized…in kind of a trance

for it is here you realize they’re not flying

but you’re witnessing them dance.


I happened to be out on the water as the birds danced right in front of me.

Gracefully they flew up, down and all around…

at times their wings were almost touching the sea.


As the birds all danced around me…as this way and that way I glanced…

I felt blessed at least for that moment…to have been invited to the dance…


And blessed to again be reminded

as into my kayak floated an errant feather

how we are all part of this wonderful Earth

and how we are all meant to dance here together.

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I have only head the early bird who wakes before first light

I have never seen her beauty even when the moon is bright.


There was a time I’d try to find her as her song drifted on the breeze

I would search the rooftops, and the bushes and the flowers and the trees.


But I stopped my hunt to see the early bird…even under the brightest moon

When I realized as I was searching I forgot to listen to her tune.


Now when I hear the early bird…when I hear her morning song rise

Not only have I stopped looking for her…I often close my eyes.


For I have learned a lesson…taught to me by the early bird…

That not all beauty must be seen…some beauty must be heard.


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The way I wake up in the mountains is often difficult to put into words…

Each morning the alarm that awakens me…is the singing of the birds.


It begins with one bird crooning softly and I slowly open my eyes

then other birds join in the singing…gently beseeching me to rise….


It’s a wonderful way to wake up…listening to what the birds are trying to say

A pleasant, relaxing and beautiful way…to begin yet another day…


This morning I opened my eyes to a chorus of birds.

And I could hear in their melody…

Hurry…hurry…get up…get out of bed

there’s something we want you to see…


So I tiptoed out of the bedroom…with the birds singing harmoniously…

and in the dawn of the early morning…I stepped out on our porch to see…


As I reached the railing and looked out…the birds were now singing quite loud…

drawing my attention to the distance…..where a rainbow arced down from a cloud…


And I thanked all the birds as I stood on our porch…for waking me up so vociferously…

for opening my eyes to this wondrous morning…for insisting I get up and see…


Next, I rushed down and awakened Deborah…I said, the birds have been singing to me

there is something we’d all like to show you…something we’d like you to see…


And we stood on our porch together…with the birds singing happily in the background…

once again taken in by the wonder of a morning…and the beauty that in nature abounds…


A morning born amidst a chorus of birds…singing at the top of their lungs…


Urging us to see colors in the midst of the raindrops…painted by the sun.

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I was walking in a forest when I stepped out of the trees

and saw a field of sunflowers dancing in the breeze.


I stopped what I was doing…I was suddenly entranced

and I wondered if it was sunflowers that first enticed people to dance. 


I was walking early one morning when what did I espy

but a mix of beautiful color's lighting up the sky.


And I stopped what I was doing…I felt a little faint

and I wondered if it was a sunrise that first enticed people to paint.


I was walking down a quiet path when my mind was drawn upwards

to the treetops where I was mesmerized by the singing of the birds.


And I stopped what I was doing…that early morn in Spring…

and I wondered if it was birds that first enticed people to sing.


I was walking by a mountain creek…as if caught in a dream

when I heard the melody of the water as it gently flowed downstream.


And I stopped what I was doing…as the water flowed away

and I wondered if it was the music of the stream that first enticed people to play.


Now when I look for inspiration…I remember where I was…

when I was out there walking…


for that’s what nature does.

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We sing Happy Birthday to celebrate the day that we were born.

At Christmas we sing carols…at New Years we blow the horns.


Holidays are special too us…we excitedly await them…

and when they finally arrive…we love to celebrate them.


Every morning I hear birds singing and observe their beautiful ballet

as they rejoice in the colors of the sunrise and celebrate a new day.


Birds do not know of calendars…no special days do they proclaim.

With no holidays to anticipate…they celebrate everyday the same.


They delight to rise each morning…they greet every new day that arrives.

Every day they celebrate…the fact they are alive.


When you stop to think about it…

Is that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?

Or could we all learn a little about happiness…


if we listened to the birds?

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