"Laughing Brook"

Laughter is like a spring.

Bubbling out of the ground it comes.

Flowing,Flushing Gushing, Flooding the ground around.

On gushing it keeps, turning into a river rushing...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by the Laughing Brook from the books by Thornton Burgess.

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Thoreau found solace in his pond…trees made Joyce Kilmer quiver

but yesterday I found our comfort…floating on the river.


We paddled and floated in our kayaks…you know…boats…the quiet kind

gladly leaving our computers and technology behind.


If we wanted to watch a video…all we had to do was look around

If we wanted to listen to music…we were inundated with sound.


We had a constantly changing video right before our eyes

we had the slowly moving water, the trees, the clouds…the sky.


We didn’t need a remote…no need to switch the channel being shown

because nature is always changing the view…subtly…on her own.


It’s like a panoramic 3D movie that is shifting all the time

It’s beautiful..it’s breathtaking…and it doesn’t cost a dime.


And if it’s music that you crave…stop and listen as you float

There is a rhythm to the waves as they brush against your boat.


Then music sung by countless birds from their nests in endless trees

finds its way into your heart as it drifts upon the breeze.


You drift along losing track of time…you flow without a care

feeling the coolness of the water…smelling the freshness of the air.


You instinctively stop paddling…as you drift around the bend

wishing this moment would last forever…hoping this feeling would never end.


and there upon the river…far far from the maddening crowds

reflected in the water…you find yourself floating through the clouds.


I understand what Thoreau meant about his pond and Mr. Kilmer about his tree


because yesterday…as if my magic… the river spoke to me.

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more poems

Walking down the

tail by the river 
Watching the ripples

and seeing the 
Beautiful pine trees

around the river
And skipping rocks

cross the river 
And balancing rocks

on the shores 
And see the beautifu

l sunset behind the
Pine trees is so relax

and peaceful I love

seeing the peaceful 
© Amanda Kay Hill 

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