Shoestrings (an affected poem)



Are people's

lonesome adventures

depressive masquerades?


In a culture of one's

design; only

'tis Not


Deceit tied them

together like




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 06.26.2019 (for an incorrect use of a preposition in "on the process" & since have changed it to "in the process"):  


I wrote a free verse poem approximately on (possibly around the afternoon or dusk, or even in the evening hrs.) This was posted on my Twitter account on the 10th of the same month.  Its working title was changed from "Shoelace" to "Shoestrings" in the process.  Pls. kindly bear w/ it, as 'tis also an affected poem. 

It ill behooves a horse

It ill behoves a hive,

To be without a bee;

But it ill behooves a horse,


To shoe his hoof and flee.

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Mr Monopoly

Hat, Shoe, Dog and Car eagerly await
All hoping to gain estate
Bankers investing in them all
But some will rise and some will fall

Six to start, and off they go
Estates beginning to grow
Pieces moving round the board
Land bought and money stored

Hats at auction, deed on the line
Dogs feeling rich of cloud nine
Shoes at GO, a loans on his mind
Pall Mall's just needs to be signed

Super Tax is up
But he's out of a buck
Shoes players money's fading
His end game is waining

Tax evasion, cops are chasing
Shoes heart is racing
Get out of jails run out
The cops will get him no doubt

Who will be next to meet their fate
Fates about to have one big spate
Dogs player was on cloud nine
But his accounts now make him whine

Dogs cheques are blank
His life was so swank
Now he's on the streets
Sleeping under some sheets

Hat and Car still in the race
Both keeping up the pace
We all know that only one can win
Only one can wear the winners pin

Hat and Car, like tortoise and hare
Off to meet, Mr Monopoly, Mayor
Cars told that he's too far gone.
Leaving Car, MVP, number 1

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The Shoe Shine Boys Game

Can you tell me something new?
If you do I’ll shine your shoes
But if I’ve hear it before
Then you perform this nasty chore

Many people had a go
At finding something I didn’t know
But every single time
I found my shoes were being shined

They all thought that I was thick
As I shined shoes for my bit
But I answered questions thick and fast
And they then befell this dastardly task

But on one sunny summers day
A new man came from far away
And asked me something quite profound
But all I did was frown and frown

It appeared my luck was up
And I was down cleaning muck
This man had taught me something new
It was that I would forever shine shoes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mini story from the eyes of young boy who's job is to shine shoes for anyone richer than himself. Shows how society uses the poor to there own accord to do what they want. Role reversal to show the rich how the poor live, but then reversed back as eventually the rich always triumph over the poor, as the world can appear money centred.