Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

By jfarrell


Happy Christmas to you all.

What does Christmas mean to you?


A red suited gentleman and his menagerie

Breaking into your home and eating all your mince pies?

A tinseled christmas tree

With a golden, silver-winged angel sat atop?

Sat around the dining table,

With several generations of your family?

Pulling crackers, carving and sharing the turkey;

Too much food and playing charades after dinner?

A baby born into poverty many years ago,

To grow, to be crucified for us?

Awake all night, too excited to sleep….

If I stay awake, even just one eye… I might see santa…


Whatever Christmas means to you…

The very merriest of Christmas’s and may the next year be your best yet.


And if, like me, you’re alone…

Or worse…

Sleeping on the streets…

And where-ever’s worse than that…..


Don’t give up!

You’re not alone, however much you feel you are.

Christmas is the time for miracles…

Don’t give up!


Happy christmas to you all and the best year ever!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a very very merry Christmas to everyone, and may this coming year be your best yet, in every way ;-)

The Fall

You, We Me
Tiptoed Summer
Without a Goodbye
Oh! Why?
Handsome Autumn
Bejeweled bright
Prepare for fall
Of the stubborn
from dazzling height!
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Autumn Leaves

Leisurely adrift in downward decent,
underneath midday's autumn sky
Donned amber tinges casting to red,
fluttering wayfarers seemingly fly

Whisked lofty scatterings aimlessly fall;
wind's spiraled gusting spins them round
Clustered colors shedding off trees,
amassed in layers blanketing ground

Hither swoops guiding leafy flight,
briskly rustlings in shifting gales
Shuffled yield swooshes from underfoot;

crumpled crackling heard along the trails

Crispy crinkled brittle leaves go crunch;
rifled swishing sweeps ripples through all
Seasons all lead one into the next;
winter springs to summer after each fall

© C.E. Vance

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Cold breeze and snow flakes in winter 

cannot be copied by a printer ....

with snow everywhere 

everyone loves to share ....

with some wonderful rhymes 

people experience their best winter times ....

                                        - VANI LAVAKUSH

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Winter is arriving that's why I thought to write a poem on winter !!!!!

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Never-Ending Story

I really do want to believe it's all here,

That it's real, and that it is as great as everyone thinks it is,
Strong and indestructable,

Powerful with meaning and substance,

So that I too, exist here, but why?
These objects made of wood, steel and concrete, glass and fibers,
Clawing an scratching at my spirit day and night,
Begging for my touch to make them real,
And walls, walls, walls, that separate,
Real as this figment of my own imagination
Who I call myself, the existential being I believe I am,
The objects speak in tongues,
And languages unheard of
But understood with senses forbidden
And cast away from what man has deemed to be 'real',
And objects, material objects, jumping out at me,
Talking teapots, spoons and candlesticks,
From stories out of the depths of another's inner world,
Jumping into my world! How dare they come without knocking!
What is it they want? What are they asking?
"We are here just like you", they said,
"Why do you want to be here?"
So I replied, "Why do I want? Maybe I should just be!"
And so from then on I began to just be.

In case I should ever again need a shrink,
I shall first consult the kitchen sink.


4:21 AM 4/18/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The illusion called life.

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Sweet Rose

Oh sweet rose
Was it the wind
Could it have been the rain
Why did you close

Did I not give you enough love perhaps
Or did I not feed you enough
Did I take too many naps
Was I too rough

Am I the reason
Or, was it your decision
Perhaps it was just the season
Our future was in my vision

I love you
I want to hate you
But what I really want to do
Is find out what killed you

How can I move on
Without knowing what I have done wrong
Who has ultimately won
You where my song

Say something!
Always knew you were weak
Is that you I hear sing

I am not broken
I’ve just awoken
To the sweet realisation
That I was but only a token

Oh sweet rose
Was it the wind
Could it have been the rain
Why did you close
Will you one day come back again……



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Seasons have a lot to say,
Seasons teach us to adjust in our life showing a unique way!

In rainy season we look forward to ample fun,
We look forward to everything that holds a romantic run…

Summer season brings on cold beverages, ice creams and chilly bites,
In winter season we are addicted to hot coffee and tea,
In winter season fries are special, hot food is all you mainly see…

Most of the people associate the seasons with food and clothes,
But seasons have lots more in them, to take you success roads!

Summer says no matter the heat, continue to toil,
Summer says scarcity of necessities, should not make you boil!

Rainy season says I will not dry your clothes that lie on a line,
Rainy season says there will trouble to commute, but you should be fine!

The dull season of the year says we will not fulfill your need of sunshine,
The dull season say we are lack of rain and will not give you a cooling sign,
However dull a season I am, you have to do your work on time!!

Winter season says I a terribly cold,
Winter season says I will give you strength and courage to hold,
A dream to become a star,
As I will shiver you to perform better at every hour!

So every season creates a lack,
We should value what we have and keep it intact!

The seasons also say live life with the external environment well!
Then only a perfectionist has awakened in you to dwell!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A season can change your personality!

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