Retirement Dreams


 Retirement Dreams


Starting on the path of novelty

Contemplating new means for new ends

The style of unforeseen and unexpected is now


As you question your questions

As you doubt your doubts

You realize you’re fraught with who you’re not


A lonely sense of freedom

Exciting sense of bewilderment

Celebration is worn like a scarf in the wind


Obscuring the past for the future 

Amnesia affords a new integrity

Beckons now art and creativity


Flying over green pastures of flourishing hope

Swooping into themes of intent

Collected from the dark corners of the id


Cocoon of character opens

Imagination soon sprouts wings

Metamorphosis of new life springs


 Conductor of your symphony 

Composing lyrics and score quite vividly

Sculpting the unknown into retirement dreams 



©lee johnson

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Seasons have a lot to say,
Seasons teach us to adjust in our life showing a unique way!

In rainy season we look forward to ample fun,
We look forward to everything that holds a romantic run…

Summer season brings on cold beverages, ice creams and chilly bites,
In winter season we are addicted to hot coffee and tea,
In winter season fries are special, hot food is all you mainly see…

Most of the people associate the seasons with food and clothes,
But seasons have lots more in them, to take you success roads!

Summer says no matter the heat, continue to toil,
Summer says scarcity of necessities, should not make you boil!

Rainy season says I will not dry your clothes that lie on a line,
Rainy season says there will trouble to commute, but you should be fine!

The dull season of the year says we will not fulfill your need of sunshine,
The dull season say we are lack of rain and will not give you a cooling sign,
However dull a season I am, you have to do your work on time!!

Winter season says I a terribly cold,
Winter season says I will give you strength and courage to hold,
A dream to become a star,
As I will shiver you to perform better at every hour!

So every season creates a lack,
We should value what we have and keep it intact!

The seasons also say live life with the external environment well!
Then only a perfectionist has awakened in you to dwell!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A season can change your personality!

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