Yesterday at a restaurant with family…during our talking, laughing…eating

one again I realized how every moment’s fleeting.


A story is told, we laugh but that story’s laughter does not last

because another story takes its place and it slips into the past.


So when a moment surfaces…before the next one arrives to displace it

I try to let that moment surround me and quietly embrace it.


Basically when I am seated with friends and family near

I try to capture as many moments as I can before they disappear.


Which moments to capture are subjective…they’re for each one of us to define.

They could occur while looking at a menu…or ordering some wine.


When our nephew tells us of his travels or about the tennis he has played

or when his wife relives her marching in the Macy’s Day parade.


When our niece talks about turning 50…when her daughter shares her fears..

Or when her other daughter tells a story…only for our family’s ears.


(I will not give away her story…but here’s a little peek

It had to do with something that landed on her cheek)


Or the moment we celebrated my birthday early and I noticed a gleam in every eye

as they sang happy birthday to me…while I stuffed my face with pie.


When following Deborah and the crew as around town they golf carted…

or in the tenderness of the hugs when everyone departed.


These are just a few moments I captured recently

at a dinner in a restaurant...surrounded by family.


I know these moments are fleeting….that they have a small life span

which is why I like to stop….and catch them when I can.


Because once I capture a moment…I can store it in my memory


where a moment that once was fleeting…can last an eternity.

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How many beautiful moments are in a day?

You’ll find its a staggering amount.

Imagine if you tried to add them up…how quickly you’d lose your count…


And to show what I am talking about..to prove what I’m saying is true

let me take a moment and identify a few.


I get up early every day…before the night has gone

I enjoy the quiet of the morning…I am partial to the dawn.


When I listen in the darkness sometimes I hear animals on the prowl

and before the sun begins to rise I listen to the wind and to the owls.


And though I like to think I’m as quiet as a lamb

somehow the owl must hear me…and keeps asking who I am,


I like to listen to the crickets and on this I am resolute…

once the owls nod off to sleep…the crickets follow suit.

This is followed almost immediately by the chirping of the birds

Imagine every morning!…a concert without words..


The concerto reaches a crescendo as it floats in on the breeze

which is quickly joined by sunbeams as the dance among the trees.


The dancing seems to tire the sunbeams…for they stop and seek relief

and spend the rest of the day at rest…seated on a leaf.


I imagine they are preparing themselves for night fall

for as the sun descends

the sunbeam thanks the leaf for sharing

and begins to dance again.


These are but a few of the day’s beautiful moments

and I hope when the day is done 

although I am partial to the morning


I’ve taken advantage of each one.

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The moment they met neither of them knew…

nor could they possibly see…

how meaningful 

how momentous

how forever


that single moment would be

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Some people think time is merciless…an unrelenting autocrat

but there are moments when I think…there’s more to her than that.


Have you ever had that perfect moment…when surrounded by family or friends

that moment when you wished to yourself…I hope this moment never ends?


That moment you stop to look around…knowing nothing can compare

for at that moment love is palpable…you can feel it in the air.


And you take a moment to thank time…for pausing…and you smile

as you savor this momentary respite…if only for a while.


And when this fleeting moment’s over and time again begins to drift

You realize by moving slowly…time has given you a gift.


Have you ever had that awful moment…perhaps with family or friends

that moment when you wished to yourself…I can’t wait for this moment to end.


That moment you stop to look around…a moment you cannot bare

for at that moment sorrow is palpable…and sadness fills the air.


And you take a moment to pray that time will not linger…will not stay

that she will gather up this moment and hurry it away.


And when that moment’s over and time again begins to drift

you realize by moving quickly…time has given you a gift.


Life is about collecting moments…moments such as these

moments collected over time which become our memories…


But by slowing down and speeding up…I think you’ll come to find


time is not always merciless…sometimes she’s benevolent…and kind.

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Memories are made in moments and nothing can compare

with the moments friends and family make…with moment that we share…


We treat these moments thoughtfully…knowing times like these are few.

We plan activities we all enjoy…fun and interesting things to do…


We feed bison and watusi….both the old ones and their young.

We happily hold the pellets in our hand while they lick us with their tongues…


On this huge rock in a running stream we slide down together…our hands clasped…

knowing the cold water, when we hit the bottom, we’ll surely make us gasp…


And we do gasp but as our bodies shiver…we smile at each other…and then…

we walk back up to the top of that rock..and we all slide down again.


We take up two tables at a restaurant…for it’s not an easy feat…

finding a place where Deborah and I can eat our vegetables

while the rest of the family eats meat.


For you see we are just as happy inside as we are in the great outdoors…

just as happy playing games around the table 

as we are around a campfire making s’mores…


And how I love our planned activities…but I’m also a great fan

of those wonderful unscripted moments…the ones we did not plan.


Like sharing a quiet moment with my granddaughter…for I also feel blessed…

just sitting on a couch in an old bookstore where we stopped to take a rest


Yes…how I love all these moments we share together…

because in life’s endless marathon

I fell lucky to be a part of a moment…any moment with my family and friends


before that moment’ s gone…

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Yesterday we volunteered at Ava’s school…at its annual jog-a-thon

The sun was shining and clouds dotted the sky…as we stood upon the lawn.


Music was blaring from loud speakers…playing a host of popular tunes

when Ava’s class arrived on the scene…a little after noon.


Ava jogged a couple laps…she was running steady, fast and strong

but when she decided to walk the next lap…

I decided to walk along.


We talked about frivolous things…and sometimes…we didn’t talk at all.

As we spent this moment together…I thought…when did she get so tall?


I remember thinking as we walked along together…

taking this moment to reminisce

how life is made up of simple moments ….

Simple…yet wonderful moments like this.


Moments that may not seem like much…

as we gossip about school or talk about the weather

But moments that are truly special…

because they’re moments we spend together…


We learn to hold dear these moments 

we learn to treasure everything about them…

Because any moment spent with the people we love

surpasses any moment spent without them…


So…if you have a chance to spend time with someone you love

By all means take the time and spend it…

And you have a chance to take a walk with your granddaughter

I would very much recommend it!


Because life is made up of moments like this

And it would behoove us all to learn…

Once a moment like this is over…

It’s over…


never to return.

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