Their story has its beauty…a wonder…like all love stories do….

It also has its share of tragedy…heartache and sorrow too.


They met…they fell in love…both knew it in their heart…

but life and its unpredictability…kept the two of them apart.


It would be years until they’d meet again to share a love long overdue

as the embers that burned long ago…began to flame anew.


For five years they were inseparable…sharing the same time and space…

For five years the smiles they rekindled remained upon their face.


They were happy, they felt fortunate…every sunset was more vibrant…every bird song amplified…until the day his heart gave out…while seated by her side.


She was devastated…at how fate had separated them in the beginning…

and how time took him in the end…

and she knows deep within her heart and soul…she will never love like that again.


She has days when her eyes still fill with tears…days when she is sad…

while other days she’s happy for all the time they had…


Which means most days in her heart…there is a joy…a jubilant relief…

for in her life she has known true love…even though it’s time was brief.


Her message:

If you’re lucky enough to find someone with whom all your thoughts and feelings rhyme

do not waste a minute…because we’re all on borrowed time.


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We are all floating in a boat on the river of time...

no motor

no sails

no rowing

for the river of time moves in one direction...

her current…ever-flowing.


There are times I’m thrilled she is moving

passing through the sun’s rays and the moon’s beams

for if her current ever stopped…

we’d have no memories…no dreams.


Still, there are times I wish she’d pause

days when love and tenderness seem stronger 

moments of perfection…I wish would last a little longer.


That’s not how time works, however

she is an endless flowing stream.

which means it’s up to us to turn those moments of perfection into memories….

and our wishes into dreams.



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From the moment we are born we begin our journey down the river of time…it’s the same river everyone travels…it’s where all our journey’s blend…however…we don’t control how long we’ll be on the river…or when our journey ends.


We are floating solo…on the river of time there is no boat…

what determines the type of journey we will have is how we choose to float


If we float with love in our hearts…with kindness, compassion and honesty…with our hearts unburdened we are light up on the water and we float more effortlessly.


We float more peacefully this way…how smoothly across the water we glide…we lay back, allowing the current to take us…and there’s a good chance…we enjoy the ride.


If we float with anger, hatred and resentment…this burdens our heart…acting like weights…pulling us down…and as we float across the water…there’s a good chance we might drown.


Our floating is more labored…more painful….our discomfort we can’t hide…we work to keep our heads above the water and it’s so much harder to enjoy the ride.


Knowing our journey on the river of time will one day come to an end…as it does for everyone…there is a question we must ask ourselves before our journey’s done…


Since our ride will not last forever…since one day our time on the river will cease…

would we rather float in pain…

or do we prefer to float in peace.

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Yesterday we took a little road trip…to Lakeland, Florida we roamed 

to help our eldest grandson, his girlfriend and their dog move in to their new home


Two quick notes about time…two facts we can’t deny….

how sometimes it moves quite slowly…while other time…it flies.


I remember when he was born…the first day he was alive…

I remember it as if it was yesterday…next month he’ll turn 25.


I remember when he was a small child…I remember the smiles we would share…when I lifted him up with one hand and held him high up in the air.


He’s now too old and too big for me to lift him high above my head…

so from his truck into his house…I lifted his boxes instead.


When I lifted that first box I immediately became aware

of that first time 24 years ago…when I lifted him up into the air.


Another note about time is it’s unusual friendship with our mind

how, though time only looks forward…she allows us to look behind.


Which is why I could see my 24 year old grandson…

in his new house…

with his girlfriend 

with his dog

see my 24 year old grandson…

right before me…

standing there….

at the same time I saw him as a two year old 

sharing a smile with me

as I lifted him 

with one hand

and held him up in the air.

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The moment we are born…that precious moment when we wake…the hands of Fate take the hourglass filled with the sands of our life and give it a little shake.


And as we take our first breath…in a move time-tested and deft…Fate turns our hourglass over…revealing the amount of sand we have left.


Fate is the only one who knows the amount of sand our hourglass contains…We never get to see it…never have a chance to count how many grains remain…


Fate is the only one who knows how large our hourglass is…how wide…how far-reaching…how tall…Fate is the only one who knows if we are meant to live a long life…or if our hourglass is small.


I imagine our creators hoped, by not telling us the size of our hourglass, we would come to understand…how this life we’re given is to be cherished and not to waste one grain of sand.


I imagine they had hoped we would discover the key to what life is all about….

to live a peaceful, 


and loving life…

until our sand runs out.


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Time is a fascinating concept…how often she has us worried or perplexed…as we wonder how something as simple as time…ends up being so complex.


We know our time upon this Earth had a definite beginning and will have a definite end…as we live we discover she can be our enemy…and she can be our friend.


We are born without the concept of time…it is nowhere in our head…we only think about being warm…and held…and we think about being fed.


Then, one day we become aware of time and the trouble she can create…most likely it was the first time our parents told us we’d have to wait.


We spent much of our childhood and youth realizing time is something we will never master…always wishing to be a little older…that time would move a little faster.


Once we grow a little older and our concept of time is stronger…we have beautiful moments where we wish time would slow down and let them last a little longer.


And we have moments of great sadness when our world has turned to grey…when we wish time could speed up and as she does…whisk our sorrow away.


In fact, it seems we have this running feud with time the older and older we grow…sometimes wishing she’d move fast…other times praying she’ll go slow.


I imagine time is up there smiling each time we ask her to fulfill our needs…for she knows, no matter what we ask, she moves at but one speed.


Then one day we reach an age where time is no longer as important…where it no longer controls our head…where, once again, we’re happy just being warm and held…and fed.


A point in life when time slows down…and we are thankful…we are glad…

just to sit, 

look back, 

and smile…

at all the wonderful times we’ve had.


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We know the exact moment our time on Earth began

but…since we don’t know when it will end

may we think of time less as an enemy

and accept her as our friend


And in the span that she has given us

before she puts us all to bed

may we treat the world with kindness

and leave no important word unsaid.



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Why do so many of us only come tor realize our time on Earth is precious after someone dies?


Why is it so many of us say…“I should have taken more time with them

to love…

to laugh…

to play….

only after that person has left us…only after they’ve passed away?


Why does it take a person dying to make us think of the world we wanted to create?  

Why do we wait to do all the things we should have done…

until it is too late?


I wish everyone could understand before a death…

how time is a gift 

bestowed upon us by our creator…

from above…

a gift to be shared over and over again

with all of those, in life, we love.


I wish we all would spend more time 

with the ones we love 

while the ones we love still live…

because ‘more time’ is a gift…

the creator does not give.

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I had a conversation in the bookstore the other night with a couple about my age…the husband is battling prostrate cancer…it’s in its final stage.


He’s undergoing a new radium infusion therapy…having endured chemotherapy and radiation’s rays…and they were pleased to announce this was the first time he’d been out of the house in days.


“We’re hoping this therapy gives me a little more time.” He said and his wife readily agreed. “Because,” and here he smiled, “there’s a few more books I’d like to read.”


He bought a couple of books…his wife put them in her sack…and he smiled at me as they slowly walked away saying, “God willing…I’ll be back.”


As I watched them walk away I thought…what a different world we see… when we come face to face…with our own mortality.


I imagine when we’re looking at the end…when we know we’re living our final days…what’s important to us rises to the top…while what isn’t slips away.


I imagine we might wish for one more moment…when we know our life will be over soon…to make more footprints in the sand…or gaze up at the moon.


One more moment to hug our family…to look into their eyes…one more moment just to wake up and see one more sun begin to rise.


That’s what I found myself wishing for this man…as he faded from my sight

Hoping he’ll have more moments….as for his life he fights.


I know in the time he has left…there’s nothing he will overlook…

and I’m hoping he has a few more moments…to read a few more books.

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