How many beautiful moments are in a day?

You’ll find its a staggering amount.

Imagine if you tried to add them up…how quickly you’d lose your count…


And to show what I am talking about..to prove what I’m saying is true

let me take a moment and identify a few.


I get up early every day…before the night has gone

I enjoy the quiet of the morning…I am partial to the dawn.


When I listen in the darkness sometimes I hear animals on the prowl

and before the sun begins to rise I listen to the wind and to the owls.


And though I like to think I’m as quiet as a lamb

somehow the owl must hear me…and keeps asking who I am,


I like to listen to the crickets and on this I am resolute…

once the owls nod off to sleep…the crickets follow suit.

This is followed almost immediately by the chirping of the birds

Imagine every morning!…a concert without words..


The concerto reaches a crescendo as it floats in on the breeze

which is quickly joined by sunbeams as the dance among the trees.


The dancing seems to tire the sunbeams…for they stop and seek relief

and spend the rest of the day at rest…seated on a leaf.


I imagine they are preparing themselves for night fall

for as the sun descends

the sunbeam thanks the leaf for sharing

and begins to dance again.


These are but a few of the day’s beautiful moments

and I hope when the day is done 

although I am partial to the morning


I’ve taken advantage of each one.

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