The sun shines bright,
The wind is strong and cold,
Yet the warmth overpowers,
And fills the soul with memories old.


A reminder to smell the roses,
Engage with the passerby of life,
And take your time to enjoy,
Without any worry or strife.


Let the lights flicker on,
And perhaps off again,
Concern should be lifted,
Worries shall be slain.


For once in our lives,
Let us live in peace in harmony,
Enjoying the world,
In a place without melancholy.


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I'll hope that this happens,

I'll hope that this happens, Good cheer to you!

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As do I. Happy Holidays!

As do I. Happy Holidays!

"Always do what you are afraid to do" - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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A Sun Melts Clouds

May this perspective prevail and continue to slay worries and eradicate melancholy. Certainly a formula for a Happy New Year!

- Lady A -