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It's the boldest grab for absolute power the world has observed in Modern occasions. America is hardly likely to permit the possible slaughter of a couple hundred thousand Iraqis stand between it and world domination. President Bush did promise to defend the American lifestyle. That really is what he supposed.


JUSTIFYING WAREvidently, that the United States couldn't just invade Iraq, Euro dollar exchange rate so it started Casting around to get a 'valid' reason to strike. First Iraq was a threat because of alleged connections to al Qaeda; afterward it was proposed Iraq might supply al Qaeda with weapons; afterward Iraq's military threat to its neighbours was raised; afterward your requirement to deliver Iraqis from Saddam Hussein's horrendously inhumane rule; finally there's no concern of compliance with UN weapons inspection.


America's justifications for invading Iraq are appearing not as Striking each afternoon. Euro to Dollar History The US's statements that it would invade Iraq unilaterally without UN support and in defiance of the UN produce a entire nonsense of any American claim it's concerned with the world body's strength and status.


Infringements of the UN weapons limits -- that the last one being low tech rockets which exceed the number allowed by about 20 per cent. However, there isn't any indication of these socalled weapons of mass destruction (WMD) the US has so confidently asserted are available. It absolutely was maybe not. He later confessed that it was the wrong village.

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Haqueian Verse


How r u,

My bosom friend?

Let me,



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Inspired by Disney
Cartoons filling my childhood
Memories racing like Tom and Jerry
I used to find it a little scary

inspirations floating
Along the midnight sky
Like Jasmine and Aladdin on a magic carpet ride

Do you ever wonder?
Just a little bit curious
A little overwhelmed
Out of breath like Road Runner
Chasing coyote away

All the evil in this world
Like Lucifer chasing mice,
Like Ursula taking you down
Spiraling,suffocating underwater 

Do you ever wonder?
Where out childhood goes
How will we know?

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My father's stache

I’ve been around my dad for almost 20 years now, and not a single from those 73,000 days I have seen his face without that gigantic moustache of his. I believe it not only marks him as a human being, but it’s the single most representative thing that he owns. Not even his colorful flowered shirt’s which he has used every single “casual friday” at work for the past 10 years, nor his funny “sport outfit” that goes completely with him make me think about him as much as his moustache does. I know it may sound silly and weird, but his moustache reflects his mood in almost a perfect way, just by the look of it one can tell if he’s happy, angry, sad, joyful, disappointed... which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. His face is literally unimaginable for me and my family without this characteristic of his. Honestly I would probably call the cops if he entered the house one day without it. As of today, my mom still swears that he didn’t have it back in the day when they both met, but I don’t believe her. Of course I know that there was a point in his life when he didn’t use a hairy manliness all over his face, when he was 5 years old perhaps. I can’t think of another thing that describes better someone, I can compare it to a skaters board, or a ballerina's shoe or even a rich man’s cane. At the end of the day my fathers most symbolic and valued possession in his life is a part of his own body. In retrospective this is pretty awesome, because well one could say you don’t depend on nothing. How many people can say that their personality isn’t a mixture of T.V. stereotypes and several Comedy Stand Up jokes which mold them into what people think about you. It’s an important for everyone to sit down, clear their man and think about what defines them, because what defines you is what you are projecting about you. And if you don’t like what you proyect, maybe it’s time to make a shift in your life. Back to my father; I’m 99% sure he likes what defines him, it``s simple, its his own and more importantly he can change it whenever he wishes to mae a change in it, its a shave away.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was an assignment for my English class, we needed to do a poem (I didn't know poems didn't need to ryme) about someones possesion.

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hello and good bye

Hello Light!
Why? blind my eyes
Do not bother me! I'm thinking
The way, the manner, to feel his breath
As I'm feeling this warm breeze
Better, lovelight!
Light up the road through the sea
The path to that which seems impossible
The steps, which reach
To my beloved
Why? break my vision, light of my heart!
You should be the beacon
From this boat
In the mists of worldly desires
Is that you do not know? you do not let me see
Please daylight! Do not bother me more
Already return the stars
And maybe
Show me the path near or distant
to arrive
To my beloved
Hola Luz!
Por que? ciegas mis ojos
No me molestes! que estoy pensando
La forma, la manera,de sentir su aliento
Como estoy sintiendo esta brisa tibia
Mejor, luz de amor! 
Ilumina el camino que atraviesa el mar
El sendero, hacia aquello que parece imposible
Los pasos, que llegan hasta
A mi amado
Por que? rompes mi vision,Luz de mi corazon!
Tu deberias ser el faro
De esta barca
En las brumas de los deseos mundanos
Es que tu no sabes? que tu no me dejas ver
Por favor, luz del dia! No me molestes mas
Ya regresan las estrellas
Y quizas
Me mostraran el camino cerca o distante
Para llegar
A mi amado 
Abril 8-2013
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I wanted to send you something because I thought you would like to know.
I think alot about you and I thought I'd say hello.
The truth is not a day goes by without you on my mind.
So many things I want to say; still the words are hard to find.
But I don't think I need big words to tell you how I feel.
Cause when I say "I MISS YOU" that's exactly how I feel.

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