my mom

My Precious Momma

Grief & Grieving

Jane Catherine  Cavalcante

My Precious Momma...

I hugged you, talked to you, kissed you.

I spent Blessed, special time with you,

on your that, last day here

...and now,

I'm supposed to go on living without you,

My Precious Momma.


How is that even possible,

when you were the first person I ever loved

and the first person,

who ever loved me,

My Precious Momma?

When you were my best friend,

my confidant, my advice 'go-to' and giver?

My hand-holder, my cheering squad,

my example of strength, of grace, of dignity,

of a deep and steadfast Faith.

Just like that...54 years

and 20 days, all the days I ever knew,

of living in this world with you in it~

and then, more.


My Precious Momma,

When you left this earth,

Heaven surely got even more beautiful,

as you arrived

and your smiling Irish eyes,

just went wide-open in utter awe,

as you touched the glorious face of Jesus, at last.

Then, as you turned all around,

dancing in delightful glory,

restored, renewed,

with no pain, no struggle, no worry, no fear...

and not ever again.


Oh My Precious Momma,

you certainly more than earned your reward,

for your trials you had, here on this earth.

For that I am so grateful, to our Lord,

that you suffer no more,

and while I long to have you back,

I would never wish you away from Paradise

and back to pain and struggles and strife.


No My Precious Momma...

For I would rather continue

the time I have left here, on earth,

with my own pain and struggles and strife

and live as Faithful a life as you did,

being as strong a woman as you were,

My Precious Momma,

knowing that someday soon,

it will be my time to go to be with you,

there, Home in Heaven.


But until then...

until Father God calls me Home too,

I will still, forever and ever, be loving you,

be missing you, be aching inside

and be so very lost without you...

My Precious Momma.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of My Precious Momma, Jane Catherine Cavalcante, born December 19, 1944...who went to be with Jesus on July 20, 2020

I miss you so very, very much, Mom!!! I am broken and lost without you. Cry


Inspired by Disney
Cartoons filling my childhood
Memories racing like Tom and Jerry
I used to find it a little scary

inspirations floating
Along the midnight sky
Like Jasmine and Aladdin on a magic carpet ride

Do you ever wonder?
Just a little bit curious
A little overwhelmed
Out of breath like Road Runner
Chasing coyote away

All the evil in this world
Like Lucifer chasing mice,
Like Ursula taking you down
Spiraling,suffocating underwater 

Do you ever wonder?
Where out childhood goes
How will we know?

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cause she care

at that time
when i obeyed her
without think about anything
at that time
when i cried
whenever she left me
that simplicity of mine was so real

as days have passed
i have also passed with my simplicity
even i knew who was right
even i knew who was wrong
even then i disappeared in my world of sterile
road was all around me
but i was the one who felt so lonely
every one were waited for me
but in the end i hold their hand
and with that simplicity i said
" i'm no more lonely"

in this world
she is the one who
teach us what is loyalty
what us feelings
and more important the importance of relationship
i'm still that girl
who still make those mistakes
even i know she cares
i hurt her so many times
but she don't even blame me much
it's not only because she understand me
but also she know me

whatever she do
is all because she CARE

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