the real deal!

                        The Real Deal!     

                I want to tell you about a man who means the world to me
                Ilooked into his eye's and saw a love that would always be
                His love for you  i saw inside there depths with a lot of zeal
                And i knew with out a doubt that he was the real deal
                There's no one quite like him in all the world today
                Im so very greatful  he married you and is here to stay
                I'm proud to say he's part of my family and always keeps it real
                And to this day i know in my heart that he is the real deal
                I see the way he looks at you  and know it means forever
                And knowing that for him you are his greatest treasure
               he's never lifted a hand to you in any way and so this is how i feel
               And in my heart will i forever know that he is the real deal


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one about my brother-in-law he is a extrordinary man and im proud to have him in my family

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This Friend of Mine

We walk side by side
My friend and I
As if we have all free time
To perfect our even stride

Beat for beat, we make our way
My friend and I
We laugh to ourselves
At the jokes only we can say

When classwork is plentiful
My friend and I
Retreat to the parlors below
And an all-nighter we will pull

Together we always are
My friend and I
Like twins once forlorn
Brought back by the stars

Our fights are not real
My friend and I
Accommodate mere tiffs
At end we always make a deal

So heavy is my heart to think
My friend and I
Should be separated in a year
That she will be gone in a blink

I’ll cherish always the while spent
With my beloved friend
As every hour is greater than last
And all the praising words are meant

For this friend of mine…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for a friend that I've made recently. Though we've only been friends for a short while she's become an intricate part of me, and I can't seem to go one day without talking to her. Whether we're reading Shakespeare to each other in funny accents or she's trying to kick my knees out, we always seem to be laughing and having a good time. This one's for you, Heather!

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