Falloween Returns

Seasons In Hell

And thus with the onset of September, Falloween begins, even in the midst of the impending Equinox. The Nativities of The High Priestess of The Church of Satan, and mutually complimentary Gothicon Yvonne DeCarlo, Lily Munster are observed.*

The masks of Satan begin to emerge, peeking 'neath floorboards and beds, from moonlit windows & shadowy closets, attics & basements, skeletal trees lurking, beckoning the darkling to become one in perpetuity. Heralding the path to nightmare fane, the inner darkness revealed to revel, and from bubbling cauldrons, unholy confections tempt with multisensory delights, The Devil's Communion invites.


Satan's brides by hellements unite! Bats and witches fly, demons arise from pentagram gateways, werewolves howl & stalk the land, ghouls and zombies from graveyards lurch, hooded phantoms float with glowing eyes, vampires and wraiths haunt your dreams. The shadows come alive! Though our dark lairs remain eidolic, it feels like Halloween again... 

SATANIn Nomine Satanas,


Rev. Blackthorne
1 September, LVII A.S.
Noctuary, Draconian Empire

* Dracommendations: The Munsters series, American Gothic, Satan's Cheerleaders, Cellar Dweller.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It feels like Halloween again... Jack O'Lantern greet Me again... a black cat crosses My path, again... what does it mean to Me, can you tell Me My friend...?

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The Vampire of Pen Station

Dark Side Poems

Quenching for blood the vampire makes his way in search of that necture he is craving

The cool breeze blinds some of his sight as dusk kicks up

Sending a whirlpool of dusk particles in the nite air

Looking and searching he finds his first host

Muscluar in eyes, but managable to the naked eye

He gets ready to charge, like a tiger ready to leap on its prey

Suddenly, he pauses and notices another human female with the man

The vampire smiles in delight, as his fangs grow for human blood

His eyes twinkle like the stars in the night sky, his hair jet black like the hole's that make up his eyes

There was no wind blowing during this time, so without realizing it the vampire charged

Both the man and woman were holding hands and walkinng

Than they both suddenly stopped, and the man looked up

Hissing sounds plauge his ears, and he screams to the woman run

As they each take off running, the man falls to the ground, he cried and pleaded with the vampire

It was no use, the vampire sunk his teeth into the man's neck and sucked all the life out of him before the night

The woman started screaming for help, but there wasn't anything she could do

It was pitch black and nobody other than her on the street at the park

She was pretty much out of breath, until she notced the shawdow coming toward her

Giving it all her might, she ran til her legs felt like pudding

Once she reached what looked like a phone-booth, she went inside and closed the door

Shaaking and crying she managed to get the operator

"911! This is the Operator speaking... What is the emergency?"

" Help me (crying)... He's going to get me... Nooooooooo!"



No answer, the vampire reached in the booth and ripped the woman's head off and started eating her fluids like a mental patient

He dissappeared into the night and left one body of a male with bite marks in his neck, and a female with her head ripped off inside a phone-booth

Where has this ceature gone? Pen Station is where you can find this blood-thirsty vampire, waiting on his next victim!

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"My Sweet Angeleen"

Just a thought!

Taken from me in hours of darkness by unforgiving mortals

My sweet Angeleen, staked through the heart, driven into

Silence, one hundred years before your time...

On the summer solstice, you shall rise again my love,

We shall walk the Earth together once again, feeding on

The souls of rightous mortals, till they themselves are

Cursed to walk the Earth in darkness, for eternity.

 "Rest well till then, my            sweet Angeleen."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My Sweet Angeleen"             

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"My Sweet Rose"

Just a thought!

My lovely Rose dates back to the Great Hunnic Empire

Born in the Thirteenth Shire of the Dacian Kingdom

Descended from the loins of a Saxon, Noble Count, whose

Rotting bones, raised from the dead, by an evil King...

"The sixth son of a sixth son of a sixth son."

The Count, cursed by demons to walk the Earth in

Darkness for a thousand years, feeding off the blood

Of the living... All his children's children, cursed for

Another thousand years to propagate the blood line.

In the dark of night, I met my Rose. Captivated by her

Beauty, seduced by her enchanting ways, she drew me in.

Caught in a passionate embrace, entwined in a hypnotic

Love affair, I was smitten, till she tried to suck the life from me...

With one fell swoop, I separated my sweet Love's head from

her cursed soul.  Unable to escape the clutches of her stare,

I speak to her each day as if she were a part of me...

    "My dear, sweet Rose'...   Still my Love, death becomes you!"

     by Barry Anderson


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"My Sweet Rose"

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We Are


We walk among you, observing every breath.
We feed amongst you, bringing death.
We are waiting for our Queen to return.
To bring forth a new era, so your histories burn.
We are alone, yet we are in numbers,
That is our demise,
For our own immortal flesh, is what we despise.
No companions can ever ease our lonliness,
For we are born of darkness.
And nothing can ever satisfy our thirst
Except to crumble the walls that burst
And to walk among you.
We Are....


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The price of immortality


As my withered body burns.
My blood filled stomach churns.
Sanguine tears fall to the ground.
My soul is lost, never to be found.
I feel my limbs grow colder.
For immortality I fear I've sold her.

The blood boils and tears.
Through her hollow eyes she stares.
Into my hollow soul unsound
Now I sit down by the river bed.
Regret flowing through my head.
But to the night, I am wed.
My body blistered burns instead.
To plight of the ever piercing sunlight.

I long for her even though she's gone.
Still watching me from her cold stone grave.
Her voice, faintly whispers like a song.
However she is free, and not a slave.
To this torturous world of the darkened day.
Now my life is nothing but a bloody cry.
Sometimes I wish I could join her and die.
But my soul is lost and left unsound.
If I was to truly die and placed beneath the ground.
Never again would my weary soul come around..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was wrote a long time ago. Everyone thinks of the benefits of not dying, but what about the impending consequences, because every decision has them..

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"My Drug of Choice"

by DaddyO


Part One
"Innocent Blood"


I met Sin
lying bare on a mirror
No razors to divide her,
just offering a cure...
My blood flows from my heart
and circulates through my veins
I feel warm,
all this power she contains.
Never tainted,
yet bittersweet;
For she binds my passions,
but I still breathe.
I think I live, but can't feel a thing!
...take me inside you and let me see
if my blood flows only through me...


Part Two
"Sin's Reply"


I met him
so scared and unaware;
Innocent flesh,
begging me to tear.
And his blood flows from his heart
and moves where it can drain,
I see it red,
pure and bright,
with the life it contains.
Never tainted,
oh so sweet,
It's blind obsession,
he's so naive!
He thinks he lives,
but his destiny...
is to come and have me see
how his blood can transfuse to me...


Part Three
"Cherry-Red Night"


Who sees what bloodthirsty eyes can see
when below their stare
a crimson glistening
sparkles and blinds?
I feel whispers creeping
from carnal yearnings
buried beneath what remains.
She breathes passion!
Fervent cravings,
gasping labor...
pushes me to shout!
This night only flashes
cherry signs
leading to solace.
I waltz methodically,
following in despair
choreographed routines:
her decision to continue this dance.
My inability to cease...
She is my drug of choice.


Part Four
"My Drug of Choice"


My drug of choice is on the stage again
She enhances her dances
by pleasing to offend.
It's blood-sucking, mind-fucking
as she takes me and pretends;
Another manic illusion
in a life I don't intend on.
My drug of choice is now down on her knees
She refines her maligning
by offending to please
Beguiling, fangs smiling
this enticing heroin(e)
My drug of choice injects beneath my skin.
Although they're gawking, she's walking
so boldly self-assured
Slashing through the crowd
she's so devilishly lured.
Not my trophy, still she shows me
her eyes, big, brown, alive!
This blood-soaked mannequin
models what I hide inside.
Passers-by, all night,
their eyes sewn to the hem
...of her schoolgirl skirt
...her Care Bear's shirt...
But there's no pole for her to spin on!
My drug of choice now distorts and bends
The reality I used to see,
it now seems more intense.
For she's wrapped me up and trapped me
in this hyper-visual binge
Of diversion
from my habitual prison.
My drug of choice chooses other men
To intoxicate and emasculate,
yet she stays fatally femme.
My drug of choice does it all for them,
But the Sin the other's worship,
I cherish as a friend.


Part Five
"To Shreds"


Her angelic face transforms
into demonic dance,
Puncturing my wits
as she removes her pants.
In this erotic place
where the dead of night collide
With the living innocent,
barely a smile survives.
...and jewels sparkle from her brown eyes...
...and smoke travels up her back...
...and colored lights that mesmerized,
Illuminate what once was black.
Yet a confusing lipstick smile
remains painted on my lips.
All the while she's grinning
through hungry fangs that drip.
And I imagine droplets,
sweet as honeydew
Providing her a canvas
for a caricature of doom.
...and jewels sparkle from her brown eyes...
...and smoke travels up her back...
...and colored lights that mesmerized,
Illuminate what once was black.
I am drawn into
the darker corners of her flesh.
Obsessing, visualizing,
mentally trying to molest her.
Yet I am the one who's preyed upon;
my mind fucked inside-out;
Torn to shreds
like only I can fantasize her blouse


Part Six


This is where she took me:
Down a hole under the city...
Perversion litters the landscape:
Men castrated!
Women traded!
Leather whips snap!
And chains!
Raped brains!
Fetish all night!
Penetrate with hate,
Genitals bent out of sight...
Shit that smells sweet,
It's called twisted,
But it's no different than straight!
Perversion litters the landscape.
This is where she took me:
A hole I call the city...


Part Seven


Emerging from the hole
I blossom like a flower
Seems manure has that effect.
I open up my mud-caked eyes
And look around:
I've sprouted leaves;
I'm rooted to the ground.
A flower needs light
like you need the night.
Pick me!
Pluck me!
Dick me!
Fuck me!


Part Eight


Does the sun shine bliss
or strike an unyielding fist,
As it drives through the darkness in your eyes?
Smearing your mascara,
It's unbridled terror,
As you dive into the shadows of daylight.
As the sunset brings relief
will you take another peek
And crawl out of the darkness to the night?
It's a night I want to share,
I just hope you are aware
Your appearance can
distract me from your bite.
So the moon shines down
into your eyes of brown
And this time is ours
to share nocturnally.
If you give your love to me
I will drain my blood for thee,
And both of us will love eternally...


Part Nine


I will lick you,
suck it from you!
Taste your body's overflow-
Drink your juices...
your secretions...
As you bleed me warm and slow.
I am weary
and getting weaker,
Yet my climax nears it's peak-
Fuck inside you,
rope and ride you
Plunge inside you hard and deep.
I try to face,
turn and confront
Eternal bliss and impending death.
I feel content,
almost fulfilled
Because I know there's nothing left
But your torn and slender body
Pressed against
my cold, pale skin.
You have my life,
my soul, my spirit
But I finally have my Sin...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Sin, 1999 

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