Paragon Paradox

The shrill of your voice gets louder;

Your river’s a poison,
That I gladly swim in.

Caught in a maelstrom,

Ideal torn to pieces,

Only the heart can be followed,

The mind merely breeds panic and caution.


So let the drum beat louder,

Don’t falsify your conscience to suit another,

Journeys end and begin on the same note,

A person has to lead in a dance between two people;
I’ve forgotten my position,
So take my hand,
I can be the strength for both of us,

Just not always for myself.

Just not when I’m on my own

Left to my own devices,
I spontaneously combust.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can protect those I love, but I find I can allow myself to be the target. An imperfect paragon of virtue.

Unspoken Words

I know that you worry about me
That you’re willing to protect me
You have no idea how much that means to me

You are one of the only people in the world I trust with all my heart
You have been my candle in the dark
I don’t know what I would do without you

Yesterday, you wanted to help
I could see you didn’t know how
You didn’t know how to save me
And I could see in your eyes that you were conflicted
You wanted to save me
You wanted to protect me

I tried telling you with my eyes
I wanted you to take me away
But you didn’t see it
You didn’t know
You reluctantly walked away

You wanted to help
I know you did
That’s why I don’t blame you
For walking away
I know you didn’t like it
But it’s what you had to do

The thing is I felt my heart drop
The moment you walked away
I wanted to call to you
I wanted to tell you to stay
The words were stuck inside me
And it left me feeling dread

I didn’t know what to do
The only one who protects me walked away
I was left alone
With someone whom did me harm

I could see you looking at us from a far
Making sure I was ok
I wanted nothing more than for you to save me

If only my silent words had been heard
If only my eyes were able to speak for me
If only I could have spoke

You would have left, but with me next to you
I would have been safe and
I wouldn’t have had to be with
My worst nightmare

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