Self Reflection

Feeling a little somber
As I lay here and wonder
Where the time goes
As the day passes with swiftness
As my heart unleashes
The very essences of me
The mirror surely shows my reflections of loneliness
Yet my emotions are so withdrawn
I just don't give a fuck
Tired of being hurt
Lied to and missed used
Power to the man
Coming to break us down
Leave us lifeless
With out admissions of their
Wrong doing
Wake up ladies
Stand tall and proud
For love has not forsaken us
God just hasn't blessed us
In due season
Your dreams will be
A true reality~Eop~

(c)2012 cassandra Evolutionsofoetry covington

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Right on! I love it.

Right on! I love it.


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thank you

Glad you enjoyed my ink....thank you

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