Passionate Sparks

Lady Fickle


Yes, my heart is open to you

Pumping boldly blood

In love with loving you

Your touch is fairest of them all


You inspire me

When I love you

I am on the wings of the wind

I am on the top of the highest mountain

Your love for me is paradise

And I love your heaven

And it is my landing pier.

And I love the touch,

The passion, the taste

The softness of your kiss

First kiss, sweet bliss

Wonder in your lips…

I have no words for it…

So I am silently sitting

And watching August pass by


And dreaming of making love with you

Somewhere in Paris

On my honeymoon.


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Honeymoon in Hawaii

Let us begin this recipe of love.
With love we need one part faith,
Two parts honesty,
Maybe an escape to Hawaii,
A pinch of dreams, 
And a helping of contentment.
Mix it with some more contentment.
That is how you make love,
Woven with dreams ,
Carried by faith,
With an adventure in Hawaii ,
Held together with honesty.
Now it is honesty,
That leads to contentment,
So relax like you are in Hawaii,
And fall in love.
Have a little faith,
And chase your dreams.
For it is your dreams,
That reveals your heart's honesty,
And it is your faith,
That leads to contentment.
Show refreshing love,
As fresh as a breeze in Hawaii.
Be welcoming like the waters of Hawaii.
Never lose sight of your dreams.
For in my dreams, it is you, I love.
I say that with honesty.
For you bring contentment,
And in you I have my faith.
For it is faith,
That brought us together in Hawaii,
And brought us contentment,
And it is your dreams,
That led us to honesty,
The honesty of love.
Love and faith,
With honesty we found in Hawaii.
We made our dreams come true, and found contentment.
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Wrote this for my friend renae