The Lover's Journey


She moved her way across the room, 
seductively catching his eye. 
He watched her, as she approached, 
gaze trained to her short-skirted thigh.


Although they'd been together, 
only the night before,
each time that they would meet again, 
they wanted each other more.


He embraced her in his arms, 
and kissed her silky lips. 
Pulling her closer to him, 
his hands upon her hips. 


Then slowly they undressed, 
and moved across the floor. 
Descending upon the bed, 
their fevers burning more. 


They both began the exploration, 
as lovers always do. 
But this journey was all their own, 
each other, they well knew. 


He teased her with his mouth, 
until she cried out loud. 
That he could bring her such pleasure, 
left him feeling manly and proud. 


When she returned the favor, 
all of him was lost. 
They joined their bodies as one, 
as upon the bed they tossed. 


They rode the waves of passion's thunder, 
that their ecstasy did create. 
When they reached that peak together, 
it always sealed their fate.


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