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Monterrey, Mexico

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I am a young student from Monterrey, Mexico. Currently in bioengineering school, aspiring to transfer into mechanical engineering and later become part of the workforce that will some day take mankind to Mars and beyond. I love mountain biking (including the falls and scratches it comes with), cooking healthy yet tasty recipes, eating what I cook, taking pictures with my old Nikon, and reading sci-fi novels and historic books. During the weekends (and sometimes during the week days) I enjoy a tasty, strong local craft beer while cranking country songs with my guitar, singing with mah' southern twang. I am really into making new friends, traveling to new and diverse places, exploring the unknown and making good memories with people I love. As of my spacey hobbies, I am currently building a model rocket with different materials and testing various fuel/oxidizer mixtures to figure out which propellant is the best. I have not yet launched my rocket, but I believe it will not take long until I do. At night I like to gaze at the stars with my telescope, sometimes I even take pictures of the moon. I adore the moon. And of course, I am a keen writer. I have written several essays, some poems, a couple songs and I am in the process of writing a novel which is basically the story of my life. I am looking forward to share some of these creations with you, my poetic friends!

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I believe I have a beautiful belly button. It is covered with some hair but well, I am a guy. Besides, it is not like I am as hairy as a bear or anything, just the regular fuzz.

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You can contact me at: miguelmarrufoel@gmail.com if you ever wanna share some good writing or exchange viewpoints about anything. I'm open!


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