#fighting words

Paragon Paradox

The shrill of your voice gets louder;

Your river’s a poison,
That I gladly swim in.

Caught in a maelstrom,

Ideal torn to pieces,

Only the heart can be followed,

The mind merely breeds panic and caution.


So let the drum beat louder,

Don’t falsify your conscience to suit another,

Journeys end and begin on the same note,

A person has to lead in a dance between two people;
I’ve forgotten my position,
So take my hand,
I can be the strength for both of us,

Just not always for myself.

Just not when I’m on my own

Left to my own devices,
I spontaneously combust.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can protect those I love, but I find I can allow myself to be the target. An imperfect paragon of virtue.

One on One

One on One-- (A SoulCritic floetry piece)

One on one/ mano a mano/ I’ll confront you today/ 
never tomorrow/ I don’t leave unfinished business 
behind/ and those that whine never shine/ I’m finer 
than wine/ let me entertain your mind/ with this 
floetry piece/ 

I often reminisce/ on the days of old/ like low riders 
cruising on Sundays/ and tender Roni’s/ walking the 
strip/ I used too double dip/ now I just dip, slip, and 
slide/ back then/ it wasn't fun/ if the homies/ couldn't
have none/ but that was shady nigga’/

I carried a gun/ without a trigger happy finger/ never 
fucked an R&B singer/ the past still lingers/ I hardly 
ate/ my dates/ but had a buffet/ of beautiful women/ 
on my plate/ I mean/ I’m just saying/ I crushed allot/ 
plenty nowadays/ enough to keep me going/ and 
going/ until I’m gone/


It’s always been/ about the Benjamin’s/ Dead 
Presidents/ Cash flow/ don’t you know/ that greed/ 
can get you erased/ now face/ the music/ you created/ 
when you stated/ I was speaking/ out of line/ 


I can get my revenge/ by sleeping with your wife/ but 
that isn't/ my forte/ I don’t fuck married bitches/ I’m 
already fucking/ with my life/ and she a bitch/ my 
revenge/ will be served on a cold platter/


Go on and hate/eventually/ you’ll be/ nothing/ but 
pancake/ batter/ so fuck what you heard/ and listen to 
my flow/ sixteen bars/ is all I know/ and I’m not 
talking/ bout’ drinking/ or smoking/ toking/ or 
chocking/ from the chronic smoke/


as I put it in the air/ I'm out/ Ghost/ catch you/ on the

flip side/ that'll be/ your B side/

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fighting words!

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