The Immoralists Next Door








The Immoralists Next Door




There is/was a struggle

The scuffle of symbolistsā€”

Dreaming of Succor

Masturbation & Comfort

Left & Right, Neither Right nor Wrongā€”

True Romance


True Romance




I sit by the river

watching the insects fly

observing the dance

of the cottons


over the water

as it slowly falls in 

Once in a while

an eagle flies by

or a humming bird hovers

catching my eye

The stillness of nature

and all of her glory

fills me with


memorable stories

There is romance

in everything

if we just slow down

enough to see

take a deep breath

of fresh outdoor air

you can feel it enter

the cells of your being

Life itself is pure romance

Imagination can help to enhance

For in our minds we make a choice

of how the world looks from our own eyes

We can wallow in all the pain and suffering

or we can choose to see love and romance in everything

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by one of nightlight's comments

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