Ana Mescco
Flor Sepúlveda
Adrian Felipe Sánchez

The bird and the fire


Once upon a time in the jungle, there were animals and plants, also rivers and all kind of animals but they have a defect and they would learn about cooperation and patient. It was a beautiful day, as usual, the sun was shining bright and the sky was blue, extremely blue and clear, birds were singing beautifully and the sound of the river completes the harmony in that jungle. But the animals were selfish and did not take care of the resources they think that they would live there forever. The Rain god, send the animals , rain and thunders as warnings, but they did not do anything about it, the Rain god do not know how to make the animals realize that they are doing wrong and that they must act instead of destroy day by day their habitat.   Suddenly the god gets mad with their behavior and their continuing destroying the jungle.

There was just a bird that was always trying to convince the other animals to take care of the jungle, but he was so little that anyone listened to him. So, the god decided to send them a lot of thunders, without rain, suddenly the fire start and the animals get scared and start running away. Just the bird was the only one trying to stop the fire by carrying water from the river hoping to end the fire sometime. A monkey ask him what he was doing, and the bird explain him that action was at least the only thing they all could do, that he was trying to save the place that give them everything to survive.

 Then the monkey start helping the bird and other animals ask the monkey what he was doing, and the monkey explain them that if they do not save the jungle no one else would do it for them. One by one the animals start to carrying water and pouring it to end the fire. Then the Rain god see how everybody was working together to save their home. So the god forgives them because he knows that they learned the lesson. The god sends a lot of rain in order to stop the fire. The animals rebuild the parts that was destroyed and after that they learn the gift of perseverance and stop being selfish and start caring about the other animals.

In this fable we learn that working together and perseverance will make you success.

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