Missing You



In the waters of your memory

reflects the image of your face

and I feel the loss more keenly

as I watch those waters race

t'ward that day of deep remembrance,

another year that's come and gone,

for I miss your love and caring

as the stream of time flows on.

You were always there to shield me

from the storm clouds and the pain.

Standing on the bridge of memory

I feel your love again.

As the waters keep on flowing

to an everlasting sea,

my dear Dad, I'm looking forward

to the time you're back with me.

For I know a time is coming

when cruel death will be undone,

then you and I, dear Father,

will dance into the sun,

and the river of sweet waters

will return you to my side.

I will wait here on the shoreline

for the turning of the tide.      

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My Past

Back and forth

My mind running for you

Running empty

Without you by my side

Kicking and Screaming

Not working right

Being without you

Plunge into darkness

You aren't there

Next to me anymore

You're never there

Never so close anymore

Saying you still have feelings

Doing nohting about it

I just feel dispair anymore

Without you by my side

You're not there anymore...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am between loves and its killing me...I feel slowly dying inside even though on the outside I seem strong in many ways...I feel weak inside and insignificant....

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A jewel is a precious thing to have.

When you have one, you care, love, and provide for it.

But what happens when it disappears?

You become helpless hopeless and lost without it.

Wanting to know where it went,

When digging and searching,

You finally come to a point where you realize…

It’s gone

But how?

When you’ve taken such good care of something so special?

Sometimes things happen we just can’t explain

When these things happen, we are filled with so many emotions,

We just don’t know which to choose and run with

But everything happens for a reason

Sometimes we just have to except things as they are, and not ask why.

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He didn’t know how much I needed you,

How cold I felt in his demanding arms.

So thirsty for the tings you used to do

I closed my heart and drank his luscious charms.

He owned my eyes, but all the tears where yours,

And they defeated dazzles in his glance.

I tried to hide behind the crystal doors

And lock them up, but lost myself at once.

He had my heart, but it was cold as ice;

For ever sad: immensity of blue.

And pain I saw inside his candy eyes;

I guess he knew how much I needed you.

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Invitation to the past

Sheltered safely by the dark,

Through walls of rain and autumn dust,

I come to visit our park

And guard the pieces of the past.

I go around the yellow tree...

It didn't change; as good as new.

It drops a sunny tear for me

The way it used to cry for you.

I check the bench: it's all the same.

It keeps the vibrance of your life

And the inscription of my name

Scribbled by your pocket knife.

I count the stars. They use to leave

Because they never like to wait.

They find it easy to believe

That love is wrong and I am late.

I don't agree. I call them back

For you may come that very night

To watch the sky, and their lack

Will dim the power of the light.

They all return to wait with me.

My love is strong and stars subdue.

So, if you come again, you'll see

That everything remembers you.

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I miss you


I miss the night's
The pointless joke's
The walk's home
The chat's with random's
The pizza shop "I lurve the chicken"
The stumbling up your stair's
The ssshhhh keep the telly down's
The shut up's from mum
The passing out on the settee
The feet in my face every Friday morning
The hangover drive's home
The crawling into our own bed's
The afternoon wakeup call's
The random trip's to Maccy D's
The "whatever makes you worse makes you better" drink's
The night's when it was just me and you
I miss you, I don't know how to tell you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drifting apart from a best friend

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Flowers leave nothing to imagination

spread eagle bedazzlement no argument necessary

scaling the skinny roses

you will leave this place dear

unless you plan to awake here

your bounty is lousy as it lies

day and day after it is numbing

the grown man in the corner

8 feet high and those charcoal eyes

alike woode dhideout he could tear through us both

My flowers are still the most precious

cosmic allignment of pretty girl fingers

blossoming the red rose to scarred wrists

chalking all my inner thoughts to reset

A cage and a muddy hole

My ability to slip leash is quite worrying

a lobotomy on training wheels

broken legs for the round of naysayers

I'll climb their trauma with a lilac

clenched in my 7 teeth

and the thousand word chew

will never harm the likes of you

some rickets in belief

are kept away from my mention

I've sanded the rejection

in the ugliest reflection

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Its two months tomorrow

Its two months tomorrow,

Its funny how I sit and watch the days pass by,

I never did that when you were here,

Its funny how I change,

My hair is short,

With color,

So many people tell me I look different,

You have lossed lots of  weight,

You look so good,

I have changed,

Its funny I see it now,

I am still me right?


I am still me,


Daddy have I changed?

Is it ok to change?

Is it ok to miss you?

And to wish you were here?

I am still me right?

Beautiful right,

Daddy is it ok to sit and write to you like this?

Do you see it?

Should I stop?

Daddy should I stop writing to you?

I don’t think I can,

Then I feel you would be really gone,

Do you see what I write?

Daddy is it ok to change?

Its two months tomorrow,

I am me,

And I am beautiful,

I miss you,

Its ok to change,


Change is beautiful,

I am beautiful right?



misty yanish

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Missing you

Missing you,


Sitting here writing to you tonight,

So I was in Maple Lake last night,

First time since your funeral,

Daddy that was pretty hard for me,

I was having a great time,


In the back of my mind,

You were there,

Daddy were you there?

I wanted to,

Walk over to that church and funeral home,

To see if I could see your face just one more time,

Daddy just one more time,

So you must have been watching over me,

Paul asks if I am ok,

On the way home,

And I say I am ok,

But he knows its hard,

But daddy just so you know I am doing ok,

Its just hard,

And I am missing you.



misty yanish

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