Missing You

All my love

I wish i could be the one sending you all my love
I wish i could be the one that youll be coming home too
I wish i could be the one...

God, i miss you so much
I miss you so much that it hurts to breath
It hurts to wake up and realise that your really not coming home to me at all
It aches and burns ...

I wish i could be your one.

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times victim

my fucked up head

Missing you wasnt supposed to hurt.
You werent supposed to leave...
It hurts to remember your smile.
And knowing that im falling victim to time makes me cry.

I cant remember your scent
I cant see your eyes anymore
and i cant hear your laugh anymore.

What am i supposed to do?
Time is killing me slowly...
And you are no where to be found.

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Where You Used To Be

2010-2012 Poems

There’s an empty space right here—
Where you used to be.
Somewhere in me, in my whole being,
There’s a huge black hole
Sucking all that is left of today
And tomorrow-
To infinite abyss of nothingness.

I wish I could follow through and see—
Where all of these nightmares started.
But all I find are faded, smiling pictures of us,
Dried petals of yellow and red roses,
And lilies…which all cry happy echoes
Of the days-
We see us and forever in each other’s eyes.

Whatever went wrong,
Or whether this is for the ‘right’.
I cannot contain this overflowing yearning
To be real, to be me, to be…
I am inviolable, but I am vulnerable
Only to you-
Because I have loved you and I still do.

This pain of your absence scares me.
For each time the sun sets,
Our hearts are turning gray.
I wish our memories, trust, words,
And occasional apathy would suffice
To salvage our next mornings.
We hope that miracle comes with the sunrise.

For the uncountable times I pleaded
For aching respite,
It’s twice the nth times,
You refused to let me go.
We hang on and we continue to do so.
Yet still—There’s an empty space right here
Where you used to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

13Apr11 @ 10.40pm, Penang Island...far from where you are.


Sin ti

El sol
no podia
a traves de
las nubes.

El rocio
se aferran a
el tulipan.

Nunca se sesa
una triste.

los ojos de
la liberacion es
otro dia.

(c) copyright heather burns

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The masses are gathering
along the Ohio river bank
tonight, to watch the
famous Rossi fireworks.

our side Ohio, the other
side Kentucky. Here I sit
wondering where are you?
Wishing you were here
with me, missing you.

The night sky is ablaze
with beautiful fusions. I
just saw your face burst<br
in front of me. The display
of color so wonderful. I
sat in amazement.

I searched the mid-night
skies looking for you.
Trying to draw you near.
Somehow you had escaped.

As the evening was ending
I once again drew you unto
myself. In loving thoughts
I say, good-night honey
rest well




(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking of someone whom I love.

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The Words That Deny Me

I'm pretending not to hear your words

And understand your meanings

I turn my head and think of something else,

So I don't cry.

You're always speaking, mouth is just running

Miles a minute, the words that fly by!

Nothing means anything,

It's always so pointless,

Can’t you do something,

To make me alright?

A simple promise of caring,

And you can't even make one

Or a promise to save me, when I just want to die

You never can promise,

And that's just what kills me,

You're just like the emptiness when I turn out the lights

I'll sit in my room and cry on for hours,

But you don't even notice,

And I feel so denied

Denied of a promise to try to just call me,

Denied of a comfort,

Denied of my pride

I miss how you were when you promised to be there,

To beat up the girls who cause me to cry

The promise to kiss me, it makes me feel special

And even the simple things,

I'm always denied.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

New poem! Hussah! The internet is a powerful place, as I am just learning, so I'm withholding who this is about.

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Letter To Tupac Amaru Shakur

Not a day goes by that i don't think about you, my hero

I will never forgive your killers, they're crazier than Nero

Every thought goes back to my initial reaction, anger

You never belonged in this world, your a stranger

How could the world house such a pure soul?

I can never forgive the media for distorting your goals

There was never another man with so much love in his heart

Making you look like the bad guy right from the start

I can never forgive the industry for killing your message

Raped vocals still don't hide who the best is

The racist industry kept your message far

Now only your true fans know how great you are

You once said the Good Die Young, how coincidental

Now your fans will expose you in a world so judgmental

I hope your in heaven still singing the "Same Song"

Because through us, your message lives on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my letters to my hero, Tupac Amaru Shakur. I can never pay you back for the inspiration you have had on my life.

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2010-2012 Poems

Thoughts of you and me

Seeing eye to eye once again,

Hearing each other’s heartbeat-

Make my soul at peace.

The same feeling I have

When I gaze at the stars

On a holiday night,

When I smell the scent

Of the rain on a grassy field,

When I hear a familiar song

Of childhood memories on the radio;

Feelings of home.

Moments when time stops

And just being with you matters.

You make me happy.

When I am happy,

I feel like I can do everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~(c)jerlin 27Aug10

Written in Penang Island.

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To cold to walk the shadows without you,

Dark night holds no more mystery,

Forever the same disturbing dream,

From which i never awaken

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