Missing You

Crying To You(Part 3)

Here I've been crying to you again-

Because of how lonely

I amm without you.

I'm glad I saw you last Tuesday;

But so upset for yet again failing-

Failing to tel you since I had the chance-

The chance to say

My love to you.

My god, how beautiful you've become

Since I last saw you!

So now I cry to you.

I hate myself-

Hate myself for not telling you-

Telling you of my affection for you.

So I cry to you.

Every song I listen to-

Every love or I miss you song-

It reminds me of you.

So I cry to you...

Just to let you knoq...

My feelings for you

Haven't changed...

...I love you...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this about 7 days after I had ran into the guy I really liked from last school year...I guess this poem goes out to him...

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Time After Time


Time and again

I see people who

I swear is you.

I can't get you

Out of my head-

Out of my thoughts-

Out of my memories

Time after time.

I feel so lost-

So lost without you.

Time after time.

Why did you fade-

Fade away from me?

Time after time...

...I miss you...

...Time after time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one one was inspired by a favourite song, called "Time After TIme". Another part of it was inspired because I was constantly missing the dude I had really liked from last school year...So that's why I wrote this poem.

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i don't know where you are

but i know i miss you

looking back it's hard to see how all of this started

looking back i can see how this all started

where are you?

i hope you are ok

i can't stop thinking about you

sometimes i can get so confused

you make me feel so weak

can we just run away together

and leave everything behind

it hurts so much waiting for you

i'm scared you might hate me

but when i said i can't talk to you anymore i meant,

please tell me you love me and make me stay

i dreamed we were together, again

but i rather i didn't cause in my dream i was happy

and i know you make me happy

i don't want anyone but you

i hope you will return soon

but i'd wait an eternity for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I woke up way too early,

and i smiled cause i thought you were still with me.

but you're not.

it hasn't been that long, but it feels like forever,

i miss you, i need you, i love you.

if only there was some way to bring you back

i know there is not

but i know that if you were here

you would tell me to not be sad

but you were so beautiful, so bright

it's hard to keep breathing

when you were my purpose for breathing

so now you're gone, and i can not move on

it hurts so much sometimes, it feels like i'm dying

but i know that i am not because the pain is still there

i miss you, i need you, i love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

more foreign then inside

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Princess (For Ivy [Revised] )

Nostalgic Stuff

Princess (For Ivy)

Where is

my seraphim,only-born?

How big you must have grown!

As I look into history's glass,

sapphire skies

stare back at

my own.

I often recall your very first breath:

A final heaving of my womb,

and the primal cry of life

forth from your

soul had


The universe welcomed you;

people gathered 'round.

A roomfull gave applause,

while I had offered

up my cries

of joy.

This day, and more

through the decades

have I treasured;

No morsel too

small to


But came that day when

I made a choice, to

Give you a better way.

Family thought me wicked.

Friendships so strong had

ended. But had I kept

you by my side, I

fear you would have

paid for it with

the bruising

of your


Will I see you again someday?

Have you remembered my face?

These questions tug at the

wells in my skies,

pulling the



Yet in this truth, great solace I take:

My princess has never been absent.

No matter where I am,

here by my side

You will



Fran Hinkle


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"Don't Lose Hope"

Loss of Love

Discovering lost memories

that I had locked away...

Again I saw your smile and

those reassuring eyes.

I remember your voice,

those words spoken so wise

for a boy so young as you.

  "Don't let your heart go

black like theirs; Don't

go blind...always SEE."

And then your face fades...

  "You can do better than me;

Don't let them win and

never let them stop you."

So strong you were then,

but I never understood what

you went through each day.

  "Don't lose hope."

And then one day you were gone.

Your life slipped away

with the color of you.

Harsh reality exploded before

my young eyes,

and I no longer had you there.

Your voice and face disappeared.

I locked you away so

deep within my heart,

a hidden memory...

But now your life plays

before me, and the pain

is a hundred times worse.

If only you hadn't let them win.

For you, I'll carry this burden

and spread it to the world

for them all to see the

      pain. grief. and tragedy...

of a lost life and a

shattered dream.

You will never be forgotten,

and your wisdom carries on...

through me, through them...

to him and to her.

  "Don't lose hope."

I will never forget you.

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The One

I don't know your name

     But I know you're there

I don't see your face

     But I can feel your stare

I try to open my eyes to you

     But I only see a blur

I try to dream of you

     But I only stir

I can't feel you

     But I know your touch

I can't be with you

     But I miss you so much

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You won't leave

You can't go

Stuck here forever

my mind won't give up

Flashes of memory

Attacking my head

I feel like I miss you

I feel like I'm  dead

My feelings keep changing

My heart won't give up

the thoughts are searing

I'm burning up

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Time After Time

Time and again

I see people who

I swear is you.

I can't get you

Out of my head-

Out of my thoughts-

Out of my memories.

Time after time.

I feel so lost-

So lost without you.

Time after time.

Why did you fade-

Fade away from me?

Time after time...

...I miss you...

...Time after time...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this last week because I was missing a certain guy...I just couldn't get him out of my head, my memories, or anything like that. I still miss him a lot and it's just so hard to get him out of my heart and head so easily than it used to before...I guess my love for him hasn't really changed much...

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