Missing You


'Kaw na naman, nanggugulo sa blanko kong isip.

Ngayong ako'y nag-iisa at naiinip.

Pigilin ko mang 'wag nang isipin ka

ay nakikita pa rin ang maganda mong mukha.

Maraming beses na kitang pinilit na kinalimutan.

Ngunit di magawa ng utak kong ika ay palitan.

Bukas sa 'king paggising, tiyak na ikaw na naman

ang laman.

Makikiusap pati ang puso ko na ikaw ay balikan.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

missing her over and over again.

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Missing The Girl On The Other Side

I am trying to forget you

I had made a mistake -

which is letting you go.

It’s hard for me to think of you again,

Because I started to love you even more.

I still don’t know,

if I had touched your heart.

And if I’d ever reached that place.

I still want you to show me up

the girl behind that sweetest face.

If you only knew

the pain I’m feeling now.

And the misery that flows inside.

When I do not do any thing.

If I see you there standing..


I want to hug you and say,

‘I miss you.’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another poem for the lady on the computer screen.

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"I Miss You"

Save every last word

Keep the flame growing bright

This might be the last thing

You'll hear from me tonight

Keep the warm heart warm

And the outside body cold

Every single word I say

Means something more tonight

If this is the end

Then how did it start?

With every kiss you gave

Gave me a warmer heart

And every word you said

Had such a meaning so deep

Now that I am losing sleep

I hope a warm heart you keep

Deep inside, we cry

Something is more to be said

When so deep inside

I cry within my head

But I hold it in

Keep the outside calm

So you don't feel sad

I want you to be free instead

Save every last word

Keep the wind blowing fast

This might be the only thing

You'll feel so deep at last

I'll keep my warm heart warm

While outside I feel cold

Every single word I don't say

Will hide everything I never told

"I miss you"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To a strong woman who I know can make it on her own.  I love you so much and I hope you know that in your heart; I will miss you.

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If I knew it would be the last time

that I'd see you fall asleep

an little bro id tuck you in more tightly

and pray the Lord your soul to keep

If I knew it would be the last time

I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise

I would video tape each action and word

so I could play them back day after day

If I knew it would be the last time

I could spare an extra minute

to stop and say:

"I love you an How much i care about you".

instead of assuming you would KNOW I do

If I knew it would be the last time

I would be there to share your day

Instead of assuming you'll have so many more

so I can let just this one slip away

For surely there's always tomorrow

to make up for an oversight

and we always get a second chance

to make everything just right

There will always be another day

to say "I love you,"

And certainly there's another chance

to say our "I HAVE ANOTHER DAY"

But i was wrong and that day is all i had

Now i will never know if you knew that I love you,

and I hope you never forget it.

Life played me a dirty an claimed you

without me atleast saying Goodbye...

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone

young or old alike

And today may be the last chance

you get to hold your loved one tight

So if you're waiting for tomorrow

why not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes

you'll surely regret the day

That you didn't take that extra time

for a smile, a hug, or a kiss

and you were too busy to grant someone

what turned out to be their one last wish

So hold your loved ones close today

and whisper in their ear

Tell them how much you love them

and that you'll always hold them dear

Take time to say "Im sorry," "Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay."

And if tomorrow never comes

you'll have no regrets about today.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Baby Girl’s Wedding Day


Dear Daddy, it is my wedding day.

I wish you could be here to give me away.

Mom’s new husband, Ed, is good in many ways,

But he can never ever take your place.

I asked to be alone for a minute or two,

So I would have an opportunity to write to you.

It is something I vowed to do,

To keep your memory alive and true.

Oh Daddy, I know you are here in my heart,

It is so hard being so far apart.

Daddy, I love you and miss you every day,

And your picture in my memory has begun to fade.

Daddy, I promise to never forget you,

I wish you could have met Andy before we say, “I do”,

But Daddy we will hold high what you stood for

Cause Andy and I met at Officer Training in the Marine Corp.

Gotta go now and walk that aisle,

I send my love, a big HUAH!!! And a smile.

I love you Daddy

Your Baby Girl.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Final installment of the series based on Lesa Gay's write.

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I Miss

I miss my nook

that perfect place

my face upon your chest

fingers entwined, holding on tight

sleeping so peacefully

The ache I get

when our skin connects

even in brief passing

the wanting of more, just like before

enough to drive one crazy

I miss your voice

when we're all alone

like your fingers in my hair

every word, every note

so soft and caressing

My smile I miss

I haven't seen it since

those days seem far away

but my heart aches, for the smile I make

every time we kiss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes it suprises you, the fact that you miss someone.

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It can frustrate to verify the reality. So much time endeavoring me in knowing what moves, my pure need, for later,

nothing with clarity to see.

Now I see me fighting without knowing: Continuing my faith, to pursue your insecurity. I remember that call that with sweetness you told me that you liked me, our first hug and even the first kiss. And that almost constant need to see you.

You asked me pardon by a kiss, you do not excuse, only creates confusion, therefore I am writing these verses. Trying I am, to

find the solution.

Seeking the same thing, different roads, because you do not decide already or leave me to go. I ask you love and you

offer Me insecurity, perhaps some day, some will yield.

That badly feels, to be the past AND in your present no longer to be You continued without me, You continued

so happy me asked me time to think, while I gave to this pain that consume me.

I kept expecting you Trying to find Some reason to continue Fighting daily Trying to be happy.

An I gave you decide to return from to return to my of re-find that flame that your with your "I need time"


And if, I Understand that want to speak, that accustom need to know about my, but i dont know if i want to know aboutyou,

AND to live like this, and being like this...thinking of you.

With the fear that you leave again all of sudden from my life, Your never to understand what it feels because

you do not live inside my, because you do not understand AND never will understand what YOUR caused felt.

In pain and anguish at heart at last i deside to let you  go, keep goin with your life as once you did it already,

your opportunity already had.

We will catch different roads that never should to be crossed, therefore the things are consumed and they

die, and the memory will finish for being forgot.

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Less we forget

I feel your happiness as my crutch

Reminding me of what I have left go

I never missed anything this much

I rise each morning only to declare my woes

Less we forget our world was on top

and the sun use to shine

The moon was just a prop

as we fell into it deep while drinking red whine

But now you look at me with only friendly eyes

Not with eyes of love or desire

Everything has fallen apart, can we rise?

Extending not only to previous heights, but ones higher

Author's Notes/Comments: 

B&T forever.

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Sad Smile

It's been some time, old friend,

I miss you more each day.

I know you asked me to put some words together in your name,

Well this is for you, sorry it took so long.

Your sad smile charms me

Cause it reminds me of my own

I don't know how you've been,

But I've been feeling like hell since we last spoken

And it took me this long to realized I miss you.

Summer nights staying up late talking to you were the best.

I was looking at pictures of you and you look great.

Why did we fade apart? Cause I wish we never did.

Sad smile, could we pick up where we left off?

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