Invitation to the past

Sheltered safely by the dark,

Through walls of rain and autumn dust,

I come to visit our park

And guard the pieces of the past.

I go around the yellow tree...

It didn't change; as good as new.

It drops a sunny tear for me

The way it used to cry for you.

I check the bench: it's all the same.

It keeps the vibrance of your life

And the inscription of my name

Scribbled by your pocket knife.

I count the stars. They use to leave

Because they never like to wait.

They find it easy to believe

That love is wrong and I am late.

I don't agree. I call them back

For you may come that very night

To watch the sky, and their lack

Will dim the power of the light.

They all return to wait with me.

My love is strong and stars subdue.

So, if you come again, you'll see

That everything remembers you.

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