Missing You


I miss the way you encouraged and supported

My dreams, and celebrated with me as they came true.

Mine heart, into a lonely place, was transported

When you moved into your Heavenly mansion.

No matter, what I was going through

Your shoulder was there for me to cry on.

Someday, I’ll kneel at the throne next to you.

Whenever I was sick, it was to you, I looked to for

The tenderest of care, and you always came through.

Chest congestion required “Vick’s Salve,” but pour

“monkey’s blood,” on a scraped knee.

Potato soup was the medicine for the flu.

Oh, how you took care of this child that was me.

And someday I’ll kneel at the throne next to you.

We had long, late night talks about our faith,

Exhorting and encouraging one another.

Your love for your kin and kith

Was unconditional, yet could not rival

The love you had for your Lord

Who I know was overjoyed at your arrival.

And someday I’ll kneel at the throne next to you.

You taught me the golden rule,

and the ten commandments.

You kept me from growing up to be a fool.

All over my life, are your fingerprints,

And I owe all that I have become to you and the Lord.

And someday I’ll kneel at the throne next to you.

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I think of all that you meant to me

And regret that I took for granted

That for me, there, you’d always be.

Yet I’m thankful for the seeds you planted.

I regret that I took for granted

the love you showed your family;

Yet I’m thankful for the seeds you planted

In my heart that have grown into the man that is now me.

the love you showed your family

was unconditional, and forgiving.  It lives

In my heart and is growing into the man I need to be.

Warmth, to my heart, your memory gives.

Your love was unconditional, and forgiving.  It lives

On now in our hearts, as we await the day we see you in Heaven.

Warmth, to my heart, your memory gives

For your memory is my safe haven.

I await the day I will see you in Heaven

And can thank you for the seeds you planted.

For, now  your memory remains my safe haven,

Yet I regret that I took you for granted.

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Greatly missing you, I

Rely on memories to keep you

Alive in mine heart.

Needing, longing to hear your voice again,

Desperately missing those late night conversations.

My heartbreak is appeased by the realization that you

Are in Heaven, awaiting to hug me again, someday.

Weeping, I am lost without you.

Escape from the heartbreak of grief, there

Seems to be no such thing, except in

The realization that you have found your eternal reward.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an Accrostic/name poem to my dear grandma whom I loved dearly.

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Where has it all gone?

I just sit here

And it's one more day without her.

I just drink this stuff

And it's a day added to this distance between us.

I just look in the mirror,

And it's one person

Who has no one


I'd take back those words that lead us to isolation

So i sit here wondering what your like now.

Have you changed?

I really havn't

I still need you.

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Summer Moon Over The Rooftop

I'm lying alone in my bed

with thoughts of you in my head

I'm not in my four sided room

I rest where i can face the moon.

In this rooftop

Branches toss in soft wind

Hanged clothes gracefully dancing

It's you i am praying and thinking.

Oh lonely summer nights

My dear, my beloved your out of my sight

I turned my eyes upon your chamber door

It's you i am longing for.

The moon shines so bright and slowly

Like your natural unchanging inside out beauty

Millions of shimmering stars in my eyes

I wish to gaze firmly in your lovely eyes.

My love is warm and safe in my arms

My heart is loud and clear

But how can you hear

My love you're not here.

You're the sound of my head

Every time i lie and get up from bed

In the soft Frosted stillness of this summer moon

I hope you have a peaceful sleep and see you SOON!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem when my beloved went home for a vacation for how many weeks.and i miss her so much. i am not acclimatized to be apart from her.

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Colm White

Colm White, Such a Favourable Site.

Seeing Him Smile, Laughing all the While.

He know what he likes, from Power Rangers to Bikes.

Wrestling and Games, to deciding Dog Names.

How could you be bored, Playing Baguette Swords.

From Cookie and Co, and fixing things as Jove*.

To Exploring the Unknown, of Black Gits^ Cove.

The Old Tire swing, and random songs we'd sing.

Spice Girls to Greenday, Oasis to Mudvayne.

Bowling For Soup Right? and "Dancing in the Moonlight"

Blondie and Good Charlotte, even "Beast and the Harlot".

Songs we use to sing, when you were a tiny thing.

Like "You're Gorgeous" and maybe, The one Mum sung to you as a baby.

Us wishing you Goodnight, to Long Pins in Play Fights.

When you and Tony use to fight, over kinberly and who was white ~

Ranger, and that stranger.

Who found you in Ireland, we lost you and cried then.

We found you Happily, and went Supamacs rapidly.

From Starting school, to the Swimming Pool.

Sea Cadets and camping, to Power Ranger Stamping.

From Every single Birthday, to the trips with nursary.

Even Trips with the Community lot, Every Present and Gift you got.

To even Right Now, We love you so much you're doing us Proud.

From Every Song we use to Sing,

From Good to Bad to even Strange,

Just remember everything,

There's Nothing we'd change.

Our Spring Onion

Our Chicken Sandwich

Our Gorgeous Baby..



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written:
1046 13th May 2009

In memories of my brother COLM xX
15 DEC 1992 to 6 JUN 2009
You were too good for this world.

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I see u at last

I look at you after so many weeks have past

And I finally get to smile at last.

I see u and my mind goes blank, finally it emptys its self

Of all the problems, and worrys.

I see u and my frown turns to a smile.

And my heart beats so fast and quick

For I have missed ur touch

Ur love

Ur words that make me feel so special.

Its so good to see u

Iv missed u so

I love you, I hope u no.

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I Should've Been There

I screwed up that's a fact,

and there's nothing I can do to take it back.

I should have been there when I meant to be.

Maybe then you wouldn't be so mad at me...

There's nothing I can say,

and I don't know what to do.

I know I messed up bad...

I should've been there for you...

I should've been there when you needed me

then maybe I'd get to see

the smile on your face

how bright it is everyday

I don't know what else to say

I should've been there for you today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Mourning, Alas...

I see the dawn,

Of a brand new mourning.

I cannot believe this.

I scream with tears choking,

"Why? Why? Why?"

And there is no answer.

Is this my consequence?

The final goodbye,

Unbearable, yet I try.

To let those jagged words slide,

Off of my lips.

Life is excruciatingly cruel.

Therefore, we all must duel.

Our mortality brings

Mourning, alas...

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