At Least One

At least one of us gets to be happy I guess
One of us always seems to get happiness
That’s not the problem I have here
The problem I have is this ever growing fear
That the one who gets happiness will never be me
Once second we re in love the next you’re taken away from me
Found happiness with someone else
And I m left alone
Like a used rag doll on the shelf
They say everyone supposed to find someone
I guess this time it was your turn
And again my heart comes undone
I am just sitting here hoping that after a while
Of all this pain that comes
With trial after trial
That my heart will be torn to the point
That I cant put it back together again
Then I ll never have to deal with the pain within
I won’t blame you I can’t blame you
But I do feel like a fool
For thinkin I could ever satisfy you
Cuz it always seems like being my best
Is never enough to impress
Anyone anywhere anyhow
Why I even try anymore I just don’t know
For all this pain I got nothing to show
I m sure you don’t wanna hear this now
I ll make sure you never will
Wont take away from what you have now
Just gotta express this for myself
For the sake of my sanity
I just wish you and me could be
but it cant be
cuz I couldn’t make you happy
guess it means I don’t deserve happiness
cuz this time it was at least one
at least one
that can be loved
at least one that finds love
at least one
that can be free
at least one
that can be happy
I m just sayin that its to bad
That the one can never be me

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Is just part of living my friend............

I lost count as to how many times I thought I was in love and had my heart broken cause I was sadly mistaken clear up into my mid 20's and I've had heart breaks and set backs since then. Think of all the lessons that are given to you in those ups and downs. Don't be surprised even if you live to be 90 and someone in some way breaks yours heart maybe not from a romance but in some other love trust way. Again, it's all a part of life. Heartbreak is a teacher same as losing a job, not getting that promotion, the sudden unexpected death of someone you care about. You have to learn to be good at picking yourself back up and dusting yourself off and continuing on this trek of living. In the end it will all be made clear to you why you went through all those trials and tribulations and all the things your soul learned for having gone through then. My grandma use to say when life gets really hard that is God showing you through adversity how so very much he cares for you as he cares enough to give you the harder lessons not really easy ones that you learn very little from. Try to put it all in perspective. You have so much growing still to do. Imagine when you are farther along in life and you meet that one amazing one you will realize all those stops and starts and bust ups brought you to the place you are and you are a better person cause those experiences made you who you are that day to meet that person you were meant to meet. Try to think positively and when a relationship is over look back and try to think of the things that were good and best of all what you learned from that experience. I really enjoyed your poem thanks for sharing. Perhaps the next one will be written in hope rather than reflection of doubt. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.