Watching you

Watching you

By Jfarrell



I love how you wrinkle your nose like that,

When something gets your attention;

Yes, you, look up from your keyboard.


Yep, right there, you see me?

Silly question, you can’t see me…

The small blue light…

Just look up…

Just beside your webcam…

Yay :-) you found me,



Don’t panic (I see how your chest rises and falls with fear);

I’m not the creepy greasy-haired guy, who lives opposite;

(He’s quite a nice dude, by the way, helps old ladies across the road);

He can’t help it if he sees you… then his jaw drops and he just stares…

You are stunning…


If you see me looking…

I’m not slack-jawed and mesmerised;

I look; I visualize…. in lurid, sweat and blood-soaked detail;

You can see the dark, calculating hunger in my eyes


That’s why I watch you from here

Through your webcam… your phone…

I am one of the million different faces who sit in the darkness…

Paid to watch you…

Recommended to watch you..

Excited by watching you…

All you do… in detail…

In digital technicolour.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm not, really.

you can trust me, i'm a serial killer :)



                          By JFarrell


The lightening strikes;

My skin prickles with its intensity;

My breath catches

And though I hear the first undulating rumblings,

It’s only when I feel the thunder’s vibrations beneath my feet,

That my clenched chest is released and I can breath again.


Outside, the rain lashes my windows like pebbles;

The wind howls its sorrow, its fear;

But in the darkness of my tower, I smile;

My whole body is tingling with the power and excitement;

  1. … 2… 1…


    I push the lever as the lightening turns my world to blind silver

    And the breath is sucked out of me;

    As the very atmosphere is awakened by the charge

    And is drawn, as if by the elements themselves,

    To the heart of the patchwork cadaver before me.


    I hold my breath in anticipation;

    Eyes wide with excitement, smiling like an idiot

    As the stampede of static-charged air centres on me

    And crashes in with an explosion of bass

    Forcing me to me knees.



    In the stillness of the storm;

    Between the lightening and the thunder;

    Between the rat-a-tat of the rain;

    I hear IT breathe.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

thank you Victor F.

Nothing, Like You

Nothing, Like You

By JFarrell


I am not the messiah

I am not a celebrity

Not wealthy, not important; I am

Nothing, like you


I am not particularly intelligent

Nor talented, special or anything other than average

I am a nobody; I am

Nothing, like you


I am a faceless, voiceless, meaningless statistic

A number on a piece of paper

It is cost effective to give me

Nothing, like you


Nothing; empty; space; absent; irrelevant;

Nothing; zero; zilch; sweet F. A.

I am absolutely

Nothing, just like You.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just because i dream i exist, do i have to choose to believe i do? :-)

Don’t Look

Don’t Look

By JFarrell


Don’t look

You won’t, can’t see it;

What stalks you smiles, wide

It wants you to look


And fail.

You know it’s there

You feel its breath on your neck

You can hear its hunger.


Look ahead, straight forward

Look nowhere else;

Take the tiniest bit of your perception

And focus on the corner of your eye


You’re not looking

You’re not using your eyes

You’re just focussing….



You saw it, didn’t you?

The watcher from the deeps

The devourer of all

Your loving shadow.


Don’t look

Don’t waste time looking

It’s really time for you to…..



Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's behind you :)

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Basalt Pillars of the West


Beyond which splendid Cathuria lies,

But which wise men know is the gate

Of a monstrous cataract

Where everything drops to abysmal nothingness

And shoot through the empty spaces

Toward other worlds and other stars;

The awful voids outside the ordered Universe

Where the Daemon-Sultan Azathoth waits.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cthulhu Mythos poem.

Baharna - Part 2


O great island Oriab,

Mighty port city.

Twin beacons:

Thon and Thal

Where ships sail...


The city rises steeply

The very flight of steps

Into this beautiful city,

Where the night calls all!


A canal which leads

To the lake of Yath.

On the shore of this lake,

Is an unnamed city...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cthulhu Mythos poem.

I’m walking in my sleep tonight

I’m walking in my sleep tonight

By jfarrell


I’m walking in my sleep tonight

As soon as my head hits the pillow

And I am away to the Land of Nod


With one stride I will cross the Atlantic Ocean

With the next I will be at love’s home

Then seated on the swing on her porch


Holding her in my arms

Kissing her passionately

*this is a “PG” rated poem - this scene has been deleted*




Author's Notes/Comments: 

dreams are magic :)

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My Dragon’s Vengeance

My Dragon’s Vengeance

By JFarrell




She, my dragon, arises,


A maelstrom of rage,

Vengeance unleashed.


Monday night,

22 angels

A children’s pop concert

A piece of garbage with a bomb



My dragon roars and shrieks

With unconsolable pain

And uncontrollable rage


The schism of her rage

Leaves nothing but a mushroom cloud.



Sorry, dedicated to the victims and families of the bomb in Manchester, 22/5/2017

   And the victims of all terrorists around the world.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my dragin is angry

dragon's claw

Dragon’s Claw

By JFarrell


(inspired by Robin Hobb’s “Farseer Trilogy”)


As they found Prince Verity,

So you find me;

Dishevelled, exhausted,

But I can’t stop.



Covered in weeks old dust,

I take up my mallet and chisel,

And return to my stone,

My half formed dragon…


I have been here,

Chipping away,




Come closer,


A single, hooked,

Curved talon;

Thrice times as long,

As I am tall.

The edges are chipped, uneven,

My dragon,

Who I shall name Malleable,

Lives in the mountains;

The talons are chipped,

From the mountain debris, crushed,

As she lands on a ledge,

And just looks out,

At everything.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love dragons

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