By JFarrell


Let’s go



There’s the edge


Don’t stop

Don’t think

Step off the edge

It’s what we are supposed to do

Was born to do

We are lemmings

And we should step off the edge


One day

One of us will fly

With real wings


Author's Notes/Comments: 

don't jump, think

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Quench the thirst of dying Earth
Great chasms of interlocking spider-webbed
fractures platforming horizon. 
Sun blistered and writhing. 
Free your brittle skeleton 
and sandblasted.
Snarling hiss of wind ripped barren.
Your Freedom exists
swelling within the infinite timeless power
of thunderbolt storm-cloud rain-dance.
Quench the thirst of dying Earth 
  penetrate each bliss-filled fiber
Thirsting endlessly for their saving grace.
Never forever.
Then up the spout again.   
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Inner Thoughts

Set fire to my skin and ignite my eternity
Surely, they say... I will forever be condemned to an everlasting blaze of a nightmare 
Hear me howl and cry as I pull on the chains that keep me here
A violent hysteria that makes it dangerous for not only myself, but those around me
I've got a sickness in my soul and voices in my head
Not just voices but whispers and screeching
Not only words but shrill reminders that I, you, me, not you but I
I will always have suffering in my bones
I will always be this far from home
My eyes are not windows but dark tunnels that will lead you to a place of fear
A chilling terror, and bitter loneliness...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Sometimes I post things at this link that I don't post here, or I post them on the link first.

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Another Life


It be us against the world
Defeating the negative
Defeating distance
We would be one
It would be you and me in a paradise of love

In another life
You came to me and said “Hey, what’s your name?”
And from there it was you and I
Making wedding plans,
Picking Blue or Pink
It would be us against the world

In another life
We glanced at each other
And walked away
You married another
I passed away
It was a world of disbelief

In another life
You where my Muse
My inspiration to move forward
My heart, my soul my everything
You came to me in my dreams
It was a world of fantasy

But in this life
You said “Hey, what’s you name”
You kissed me and took my heart
You left me for another’s arms
You painted your world blue
I died marrying him
Yet you and I are just friends.

Maybe… in another life you will be mine.

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You don’t know how you torment me
I love you so much, it’s killing me inside
Why can’t you see,
I’m locked in a cage.
I’m dying from the inside out
How can I love you with all that I am,
And still feel so empty
I love you and despise you
How can that be?
Who can take this pain away?
I feel like I’m in a torture chamber
I’m screaming, but you can’t hear my screams
I can’t breathe
I’m dying
How can I make you see
That your killing me
Who will save me
Or must I save myself
I’m dying
Save me

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A White Bride Love Story

"A White Bride Love Story"
-Thommy McCorkle-

I sit here alone in a nightmare, mind encased, full of dispair. You were going to be my white bride but you said your love for me died. So now you are my cold lifeless bride. Now deep in my wine cellar your rotting body I hide. No one will ever know of this love crime. Yet my wounds only become deeper. I do not understand this pain I feel. I can not believe what I have done, I can not escape this nightmare. The only way is to disapier. I must drain my body of this dispair. As I lay next to your holding your hand, my body begins to feel numb as the blood drains I watch it pour from my thumb on your white dress. I shall spend eternity next to your beatiful cold corpse all dressed in white we lie. Now one will ever discover me and you. Never to be heard this is how our love story shall end. As I can no longer write as this death I shall not fight but to give you one last kiss on your kold soft lips as I whisper in your ear good night now I indefinatly perish now we can began our love story after life....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry its not in correct stanza form im useing my Zune to post it

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