Quench the thirst of dying Earth
Great chasms of interlocking spider-webbed
fractures platforming horizon. 
Sun blistered and writhing. 
Free your brittle skeleton 
and sandblasted.
Snarling hiss of wind ripped barren.
Your Freedom exists
swelling within the infinite timeless power
of thunderbolt storm-cloud rain-dance.
Quench the thirst of dying Earth 
  penetrate each bliss-filled fiber
Thirsting endlessly for their saving grace.
Never forever.
Then up the spout again.   
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allets's picture

"Never forever."

Nice - allets

Re-read 08-23-18, the portrait of rain-effect. You walk around inside the words nicely. The music, the notes - the words as notes (you have a fine grasp of rhythm and finding the right complex of emotion based pairings). This is dangerous poetry. "Itsy bitsy spider" upspout - ha!  slc

01-01-21 Love the folder name!




Kornelia's picture

Sculpture of words

well wrote

made me think of an hourglass

time sand seeping

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Each Line

Each line a poem unto itself.

Great chasms of interlocking spider-webbed
fractures platforming horizon.
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The timorous dance of each drop before the final bow.

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Here's to thinking

About the day

But reading in the dead of night.

Like it like The Beat.


schmuckjones's picture

Thanks :)

For saturating the brain Mr. Beatnik. With your choice of words.

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


a maelstrom of imagery!! also, i can see the beat influence.  :)